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NY assemblyman: Disrespect against NYPD has come a long way from last summer's pails of water

2020-07-27 | 🔗
New York Assemblyman Mike LiPetri makes the case to restore law and order.
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Steve last summer, when police Steve last summer, when police officers were being attacked, officers were being attacked with water in New York City. Now, law enforcement officers are being ambushed, while in line of duty in new op ed. Recent tax on police officers are a long way from just a pail of water. Here now is New York Assemblyman MIKE Good Morning Steve. It was never about pail of water, its about what we are witnessing today. What are you talking about yeah last year? They discounted it and said its just water, its just water and then the milk and then the spit and then the bricks and then the cocktails and whole host of other weapons used against police officers and high ranking officers just last week. The
point is to restore order. The point is to what I identify: growing disregard for rule of law and those in blue who swear oath to protect it, and now you are hearing dont arrest, the police are told and if you do expect them right back in the streets, thanks so called bail, reform and frankly, people are up in arms. They are wondering what the heck is happening and what is our mayor doing in the city and what is our governor doing in the state? Do you want the city to burn and state to crumble? People are mind. Boggled over this and prisons are being empty, defense, Blahsio disbanded, Anticrime unit and what happens consequently, shootings skyrocket July 15th, 15 year old, shot July. Sixteen nine shot, and just this weekend just this weekend, Steve three people are shot and one wounded. I mean what do they think would happen. Steve no kidding this movement started long
before Covid, 19 and George Floyd as well. Absolutely I mean it was a slow trickle. George Floyds incident was powder for all this to occur. You saw left wing radicals, dehumanizing, police and going after them and wanting to completely disband departments and now youre seeing that come to fruition, and it is absolutely disgraceful, Steve all right, Michael. We thank you very much for joining us now. Hes, a New York, assemblyman and.
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