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NY GOP House candidate Claudia Tenney blasts Gov. Cuomo for 'confusion' surrounding uncalled race

2020-11-30 | 🔗
Resources promised under N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order were never provided, causing absentee ballots to 'overwhelm' the system in the uncalled House election in the 22nd Congressional District, Claudia Tenney argues.
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Steve well, candidates from one Steve, well: candidates from one of the Countrys last undecided house, races, New Yorks, 22nd congressional district are headed to court this week after a judge halted the stinks process amid reports of voting irregularities. Despite all this, the democratic incumbent implied in a tweet that he won the razor thin contest joining us now with the latest republican congressional candidate, Claudia Tenney, who is running to reclaim other congressional seat Claudia Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve. So your opponent, Anthony Bran Diseasey, put out a word within the last forty eight hours that he was the winner and, in fact, head by thirteen points. By thirteen points
is he they had Wednesday all right, so it looked like he was ahead by thirteen votes. Thirteen now this morning, im reading something from your campaign, youre ahead by thirteen points yeah. These are tentative numbers and what the people should understand is that there are literally hundreds of ballots that the judge is going to consider this week that are disputed ballots. They are absentees that objections have been made by the each of the candidates. There is about four hundred I plus there is consideration of so called affidavit ballots. Those are ballots for people who show up at the polls and for some reason, for an
administrative reason. In some cases they are not shown as registered to vote. In some cases they arent actually registered to vote Steve right. All of this stems back to the confusion that the fact that Governor Cuomo did an executive order in August of this year, changing all the rules promising to provide aid and resources to all these boards of elections, and none of that was done, and so these people were overwhelmed with absentee ballots because of the way the application online was unverified. Steve right, you know there is a process to do things like that, where you change the voting rules and the requests for mail in ballots, and that is through the legislature. It didnt go through the legislature, its not a law. It was an executive, fiat and thats why we are where we are where there are all these challenges. Claudia one of the miraculous things that happened in your race is not only did a 96 year old woman who said she never voted, looks like she voted,
but dead people voted in your race, yeah and honestly. This is part of the problem. When you have no verification system, the boards are overwhelmed. This absentee voting the mail voting is causing a huge problem. Look normally they process about seven thousand absentee ballots district wide in a congressional race. This time they are processing over seventy thousand plus over three thousand, so called affidavit ballots. This is unfair to the boards of elections and they havent been able to handle it with the precise guidelines we are going to court this week, its undermining voters and the integrity of our voting process. We also had one count where their entire computer system went down October 15th and never came back up null election day. We were hacked all points to so many irregularities on a system that really needs to be looked at and overhauled, and unfortunately, Governor Cuomo decided to do that without the input of e,
the legislature and people, and really considering the integrity of our voting process. As you can see here, im a marine mom, our family and many people throughout our history have served this nation to protect our sacred right to a right to vote and not have that undermined by a system created by New York, its this close race that is focused on it. This is why my race has a little bit of what you are seeing winner. Take all problems with voting across the nation Steve. Indeed, thanks for letting me talk about it Steve, you bet its a very tight race. You are ahead by thirteen votes right now. We will see how it goes. You have got your day in court today and throughout the week we will keep people posted. Thank you. If people want to help its Claudia for Congress, dot com.
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