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NY Post columnist rips de Blasio's, Cuomo's handling of pandemic

2020-11-19 | 🔗
Miranda Devine tells 'America's Newsroom' the Democratic leaders are caving in to the teachers' union and doing 'incalculable' harm to children by closing NYC schools.
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Good NEWS, David Lee in New York joining us for more on the school shutdown in New York City Miranda, Devine the cover of the New York Post here it is no class, is the headline this morning: clueless Cuomo and Deblasio close schools, hurting kids and parents. You watched that news conference yesterday Miranda and you see the governor and the way he responded to fair questions coming from that Wall Street Journal reporter parents are confused what is happening here Miranda. Well, unfortunately, New York is saddled with two extremely bad leaders. We put the dunce cap on both of theme and they deserve it. The way theyve handled this pandemic from the beginning has been appalling. The nursing home deaths that
the governor presided over are a terrible blight on this state. Now to be closing schools based on no science, it is just at a three percent case rate, not positive rate, not death rate three percent case rate when even the World Health Organization says you dont have to do anything until five percent is simply caving into the teachers unions, because when the schools initially opened late, that was the deal that was struck with the teachers union by the city, and they said as soon as the case rate goes to three percent. What are parents meant to do and children meant to do the harm to children is incall. Cue, able the risk to them is minuscule, absolutely tiny. We know the numbers now. We know the numbers better than
we did at the beginning of the pandemic back in March. We know that children are damaged by not going to school. Why do this to them again? It is so cruel, the poor parents who just the ones who have to go out and work. What are they meant to do? Not? To mention science has to involve the American Pediatric Association, who has not only pointed out the risks of Covid 19, but the risks of kids continuing to be out of school, the risk of isolation, lack of socialization. They call it a travesty. Travesty, ridiculous and cruel cruel to the students and their parents cruel to the Citizenry school is a safe place for kids and they will now be denied it parents think of the parents having to scramble tomorrow. Here we are pre thank giving. What are they going to do? I want to be clear. The announcement that Deblasio
made and how he made it here is the tweet clearly how he explained this to New York City, public school families. New York City has reached the three percent testing positive, seven day average threshold. This means public school buildings will be closed. As of tomorrow, Thursday November 19th. Out of an abundance of caution, we must fight back the second wave of Covid 19. We should be clear: nobody is questioning that there is a spike happening right now. We acknowledge there is a surge in cases happening across the country. We acknowledge the need to be safe to social distance. Wear a mask wash your hands. Where is the evidence that kids are spreading this virus when they are in school, wearing a mask sitting behind Plexiglas Social distanced? There is no evidence. Other countries in the world children are going to school, even when they have a higher case rate catholic children in New York. They get to go to school, they get to do in person. Classes
were not seeing a problem with that. It is pure and simple, a cave to the power of the teachers union. You can see who is in charge of New York City schools. It is not Mayor Deblasio or Governor Cuomo. It is the teacher unions which are militant which didnt want to open up and do their job in the beginning, and it shows that their care is not for the children that they supposedly are looking after and teaching their care is simply for themselves and for exerting power to get what they want. And you know you see that Governor Cuomo during the pandemic, he paid more attention to the lobbyists for the hospitals than he did for concern for the people of New York. I think this is going to be the last straw. I dont know how parents cope. It really is im glad I dont have school age children at school. At the moment it is tough. This is the American Pediatric
Association on the risks, as I mentioned, of kids not being in school, they have a multi page form. You can print out yourself. I did this morning and dig through the warnings that they have for keeping kids out of the classroom included, is lack of computer internet connection, school meals and food security for families at risk. Very important for New York City students may face difficulty reentry once they get back in Skoo and they point to the growing gap of systemic racial inequity. Very important pew research says school age. Children lacking the connectivity to get schoolwork done is more with black households. Cuomo blames people if you socially distanced and wore a mask, and you were smart. None of this would be a problem. It is all self imposed. It is all self imposed.
If you didnt eat the cheesecake, you wouldnt have a weight problem. I have the leave it here. Thats, a tough one, to hear right now. City, speak really is.
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