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NY Post won’t 'bow down’ for Twitter’s policies: Karol Markowicz

2020-10-29 | 🔗
New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz reacts to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's testimony before Senate committee.
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Brian senator TED Cruz, blasting, Brian Senator TED Cruz, blasting Jack Dorsey over the social media site censorship of a New York Post report on Hunter Biden. We recognized an error in this policy and specifically the enforcement. You are still blocking their post. You are still blocking their post right now. Today you are blocking their post. We are not blocking the post. Anyone can tweet from the New York Post on it. Twitter account if they go into their account. No is your answer to that. No, unless they take back and agree with your Mr Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the american people are allowed to hear. Brian and now the post editorial pages alleges Dorsey is running a blackmail operation joining us now, New York, Post
joining us now, New York, Post columnist, Charlg columnist, Charlg cant, they columnist Charlg cant. They delete the tweet and ask the New York Post to they want the New York Post to bow down in front of their policies, and I dont think the New York Post is willing to do that. Brian people say the story got out and became a bigger deal because they blocked your post. If somebody like Charlie Kirk or somebody else said, I love that story, let me retweet that they blocked him and her everybody, including the White House, Kayleigh Mcenany. It became a story because of their reaction. You recall information free and their intent on shutting down. That story was to help Joe Biden and people recognized that it was such an obvious move that
they would never done the same thing if the story been about Donald Trump, for example, and in fact they didnt do that and some stories, where hacked information you know quote unquote about Donald Trump. They let that information spread. We saw this was very much a conviction to Joe Biden thats the crux of the problem: sure they are a private company and can do whatever they want. We have rules, will convictions to candidates. This is absolutely an inkind conviction to Joe Biden, Brian Karol. They knew was that going to happen and be hauled in front of a Senate Confirmation Committee and get blistered. They still thought its worth it. What does that tell you its worth it? They have picked a side. One thing I keep saying is: where are all the media? Firefighters? Who care so deeply about free speech and care so deeply about the integrity of our elections and democracy dies in darkness and all of these amazing phrases they have used over the last four years? Where are they to say that what
has happened to the New York Post is not right and not fair and that they should stand up and say something they dont its all, very, very telling Brian you realize in twenty. Sixteen, do you know who used social media to win Donald Trump yeah Brian? No one is better at twitter and campaign, no one better than Facebook. Are they correcting that now? Are those hue mill, Nateed Silicon Valley companies, correcting things now well? Look I dont think it needs to be a Donald Trump supporter to say this is wrong to say that a giant media company like Twitter and Facebook are suppressing only one side of information, again isnt this isnt about supporting Donald Trump. I think this is about wanting information out there and having a story. That is a true story. Joe Biden campaign completely not denied any part of it and can say that, like its only about supporting Donald Trump is sort of limiting, because I really think you can Donald Trump and still think what twitter is doing is absolutely
insane and say: where is the rest of the media so say? Yes, they shouldnt do this and stand up and say so Brian keep at it and see what happens because I dont hear Woodward or Bernstein holding up their hand how wrong that is, and even had a.
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