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NY trooper union wants troopers out of New York City

2020-07-17 | 🔗
New York State Troopers PBA President Thomas Mungeer says Mayor de Blasio's new laws are putting officers at risk.
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Brian New York City Mayor Bill, Brian New York City, Mayor Bill De Blasio, sparking outrage after signing what our next guest calls hastily written police reform into law, the head of the police Union now demanding state troopers, be removed from their stations and cease operations throughout the five burrows immediately PBS President joins us now whats the big problem with this reform that has you alarmed good morning its an honor to be here. What has me alarmed is that troopers that are trained in certain tactics to arrest violent people can now be arrested for using those tactics within the five counties in New York City. Yet those tactics are still legal in the other, fifty seven counties in New York, State Brian you dont, have immunity anymore. They just upped the ante in New York City and made it extremely tough to arrest a violent person again. This is only a handful of people that are very violent when you arrest them, but by raising the bar and
almost making it impossible for my members to safely arrest somebody you are setting my people, four failure. I want them out Brian. You have state troopers, ride the trains on bridges and airports. Now the new Nypd accountability package includes ban the use of chokeholds, protect new Yorkers rights to record police officers. Greater transparency with the use of surveillance technology and insure officers, bank and badge number is visible and establish police disciplinary matrix. Who would actually do that evaluation of whether police evaluation of whether police were wrong or right boils down to the lawmakers, making more and more laws that can handcuff police officers from doing their job, its almost impossible? And what wire talking about? We are not talking about a chokehold or anything else, its any pressure on the diaphragm
and when you arrest a violent person and rolling around on the ground, with them its inevitable that these tactics might come into play the same as a high school wrestling match the same tactic. In the end, my troopers can be held criminally liable or civilly liable for the way they are trained and acting the way they are trained. Brian, your move is to talk to your superintendent. Your superintendent has got to talk to the governor. What if they dont resolve this? Are you going to recommend pulling the two hundred out? Well, I am recommending pulling them out and I will take the case directly to the governor if need be, but my first step was go to my superintendent, who is a very good leader, and you know I have a good relationship with him and we will go from there, but you know I find it its unbelievable, where one of my troopers can pursue somebody down the New York State Throughway and that car could stop on the border. One arrest tactics used at the bumper of
that car if the person is out and acting violently and another set of rules on the other bumper of the car, depending where you are in the city border, you cant have two sets of rules in the a state Brian cant hold them in jail when think attack a cop and now worry about being sued. When you protect us, why would anyone put on this uniform? They are basically saying we do not want effective, policing and thats, not okay. With the people in this city. I cant see anyone Democrat or Republican Tom thanks for speaking out and telling your story and trying to get ahead of this before its too late its an honorable. Thank you for having me on Brian. You got it. We reached out to Mayor DE.
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