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NYC bail reform law is 'terrible thing': Blue Lives Matter founder

2020-09-21 | 🔗
Blue Lives Matter founder Joseph Imperatrice provides insight into the uptick in crime in New York City.
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All right, Brian, over to you, Brian, all, right New York City, reportedly among three cities: labeled anarchists jurisdictionst by the Doj and targeted to lose federal money for failing to control protesters and deal funding cops this as the city is plagued by increase in violence and new officers face increasing difficulty in solving cases its a perfect storm of ugliness, one op ed. One reason is fewer: are coming forward: blue lives matter, Joseph Impatrice, on this denial of federal funds, because New York is not cracking down on crime that has got to be a body below. We definitely is less funding. Thats going to have police officers prepare for possibly the worst thing that can harassment. You will hear activists and Democrats say awesome job, no, its, not its a terrible bill that was presented because now you are
forced, as the prosecutor to turn over any witnesses or victims information which allows the bad guy to know who is giving them up. Brian two hundred and nine new Yorkers fatally shot Thisthis time last year. One hundred and nine last year was six hundred and seventy four, and if you are wondering why things are getting worse, itits no mystery. You say drill down on the bail reform law that was passed last year. Why its a terrible thing all around these individuals being released back onto the street? Even if you are a witness, you are afraid that person is going to come back to the neighborhood and find out that you gave information. There is going to be a hit out on them. People who dont understand say I went out there and raped somebody or burglarize you had someones house months later. I can be technically allowed to go back to the crime scene, to where I committed the crime and now im revictimizing that individual. It was a terrible thought out idea to put forward
Brian in Laymans terms, if I did something bad, but clearly the really worse guys are out on the street. There is no incentive for me to tell you anything im, not looking at jail. Why should I talk? No snitch rule is not allowing detectives to find out where the big problems are so gang. Violence is being is fomented and gangs are settling their own scores in the streets and the numbers are growing. We have a mini Chicago here, Brian, its old school policing, its very simple. You go out there and talk to the bad guys. You pay the confidential informers to go out there and get you information and what you do is you would make arrests and bring the really bad guys in speak to them and further get more bad guys off the street. The problem is all these rules officers arent, bringing in the worst of the worst anymore. They are doing the best they can dont get me wrong not like it was in certain communities, Brian, its only going to get worse.
When are the democratic governor, the democratic legislature, the democratic mayor going to understand that the american people in these cities are suffering, especially in New York. When all the politicians realized only people, they are hurt something communities of color thats, where the majority of gun, violence and crimes are happening. Our job is to go out there and an officer raises their right hand to uphold the constitution and laws in the communities they serve. Let the officers go out there and do their jobs and save people from becoming victims. Brian, I understand on its face. It says: if you are rich, you can pay the bill. If you are not, you cant its, not fair, when you ask cops ha what is working and what is not working its working against the working class communities that need the most protection, so just look label it. A failed experiment, maybe well intended, but its causing chaos. When are people going to sober up this thing, its becoming a.
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