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NYPD officer opens up on defund police movement, politics of law enforcement

2020-08-22 | 🔗
An anonymous police officer sits down with 'Fox & Friends Weekend' co-host Will Cain to tell all.
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Will recently is sat down with will recently is sat down with Nypd officer who hear his experience front lines, first handled law enforcement and politics and failures of local leaders at his request we have hidden his face and altered his voice, so he could speak freely. Take a look when I became a police officer many years ago. I never thought that I would have to put this uniform on and be looked at as the enemy and to be hated and its not fair, because we sacrifice ourselves every day, no matter what your skin color is its sad in my tenure here at Nypd. I can never imagine that it would be this bad as far as not being supported will, when you say there is a lack of support and those that have an agenda towards police.
Who are you talking about the makers, the City Council, the d dot as office? How do you feel about Mayor DE blasio that man does not care about the police? He doesnt care about black lives? You know he is more concerned with painting murals. Our crime rate has skyrocketed almost. I want to say triple. Last time I checked, our shootings were about seven hundred and seventy seven, whereas if you look at the comparison from two thousand and nineteen, we were at that for the whole year and we still have about six months left. How widely held within the police department are the opinions of De Blasio that you just voiced that you hold. I will put it to you like this.
The term for Nypd that is going around in every command in the city is the job is dead. You would be crazy to take this job this day and age, lack of support from the d dot as office, lack of prosecutions, criminals being released from prison, possibly criminals that you had busted at one point yes, now being released. How does that make you feel? Why would you even want to put the uniform on to do your job if we are putting them in jail for the crime and the da is just going to release they whats the point of doing the job it defeats the purpose its just a revolving door will officer. You have had a lot of criticism from Mayor De Blasio. Many in the New York political administration have you always been someone critical of Democrats critical of this administration. You know I would never look
at myself as one to follow politics. I used to be a Democrat. I would have to say im a Republican. You believe President Trump supports law enforcement. Absolutely absolutely will from what are you seen? Do you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would support police officers? Absolutely not absolutely not. They would not support us people who allow these protesters to talk about how they want to defund. The police department were there to make sure that nothing happens to them, but they are the ones saying that they want us dead. Will sorry you feel that way that morale within the department, how widespread its, not just in Nypd its across the United States, its sad that thats, where we are at right now,
people who are saying that were afraid were not afraid. We just want to be supported. Will the job is dead? This isnt just a New York story, PETE its not just a New York story Jed. This is happening across the country, San Francisco, Chicago Portland, Seattle. This is what I mean when I bring up the Biden. Harris proposal when it comes to policing is empty, ready to be filled by people like Bill De Blasio. This is what will be left of police departments by the way. In the second hour of Fox AMP friends. This morning we will be playing part two of my interview with that police officer Jedediah Jedediah yeah. I underline that statement that you just repeated the job is dead because thats what we are all afraid of right, we are afraid that police officers are being treated so badly and feel that they cant do their job the way they are intended to that they are just going to plea. We see them fleeing and saying I wouldnt recommend that my son or my friend become a police officer. So I think this is really important that you did this,
because you see you feel the emotion from this man who unfortunately felt that he had to hide his identity to express these realities that are happening, and I think its important that we hear from law enforcement like him and from police officers and saying listen were not afraid that was powerful were not afraid. We just want to be supported. Pete will great job. I hear in that sentiment exactly what I would hear from a sergeant in a platoon whose commanders doesnt support the.
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