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NYPD officer speaks out after being brutally beaten during violent protest on Brooklyn Bridge

2020-07-20 | 🔗
Lt. Richard Mack joins 'Fox & Friends' after being released from the hospital.
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Good morning, thank you Steve all right. You did not have that patch until a couple of days ago, can you tell us what happened with this brawl on the Brooklyn Bridge last week? Well, without going into too much detail its about the crime. Specifically, I will tell you that we call it the SRG strategic response group and we do protests and our job is to keep the peace and there were some people that did not want to let the clergy March peacefully over the bridge Steve, and so you were there enforcing the law and who hit you well, like I said, without really going into it. We were there to help the protesters peacefully march across the bridge or peacefully protest against the protesters, and what happened was there were a group of individuals that
wanted to disrupt that protest with weapons and with gear, and unfortunately they surprised us a little bit Steve yeah, no kidding you were in the hospital. A couple of days tell us about your injuries. Tell us about your injuries yeah. I suffered a fractured orbital lobe and I needed emergency surgery. Steve im, sorry about that. What about the people? Who allegedly did this the person who allegedly assaulted you? Where are they now? Well, numerous police officer? S were assaulted on that bridge that day, I was never hit with a stick. I was assaulted by someone else that had like brass knuckle type jewelry and what I was informed with. I was really blinded during this, so I couldnt really tell- and I was assaulted by several
individuals on that Bridge Steve and are any of them in jail right now, lieutenant as far as I know, I think they are almost all out Steve. They were all released. They were either released or bail. Was posted, Steve Lieutenant youve been in this business a long enough time remember in the old days when, if you hit a cop or you assaulted, a cop, you would go to jail and stay there, not just for hitting a cop for assaulting people. Ive been on this police department. I just hit my 25th year anniversary and I am devastated of whats happening to the people of the city that really need the police, including Us Steve. Well, we need the police Steve. Well, we need the police, but at the same time- and I know you dont- want to talk about the leadership of the community, but this is a time when it is really hard to be a cop in New York, city and other metropolitan areas, its very difficult
ive. Also I teach use of force. I was an adjunct, professor, and I still am- and I believe in policing, I believe in the constitution. I also trained rookie police officers for many years and ive trained more officers. More than most departments have and proudly, and some amazing officers that ive trained are now commanding officers and theyve been outstanding and im, proud of all of the work that ive Donald the work that these brave men and women in Blue have done Steve. Indeed lieutenant you just said: youve had over twenty five years on the force you could retire after the week youve had, I bet im not going to put words in your mouth, but if I were in your shoes id be thinking about moving to Florida, too laughter. Well, listen. I was born and raised in New York City and im, not going anywhere the New York City Police Department, isnt, going anywhere either Steve, but at the same time, when we see whats happening to our
officers, who are being hand, strung and its harder and harder to do your job, youve got to wonder. Why do I do this? You know I ask myself that same question and I think of there was a young child. I think his name was Gardner a one year old child who was murdered in Brooklyn, and someone has to stand up and not allow that to happen, and I think about all of the officers that ive trained over the years and if somebody attacks one of those officers im going to be right there next to them to make sure it doesnt happen either Steve well, that is great thats, a great sentiment and once again were sorry about your injuries. And, of course, we all hope that justice is done in this case, because youve Devot Ed your life to keeping the people safe here in New York City yeah, listen ive, been through the hard times of the Ninety S, ive been through nine slash eleven. I have
asthma from nine Slash eleven. I lost people that I worked with on nine slash, eleven ive lost partners from nine slash, 11 related illness and on Sunday, when I was being released from the hospital, a great sargent that I worked within the strategic response group. He had been a military guy, he had only been retired a few years and he just died of nine slash. Eleven illness weve lost more officers to nine slash eleven illnesses than we did during nine slash. Eleven ive worked with some great hero s and they need to be acknowledged and never forgotten Steve. They do indeed well. We certainly admire what you do and we were talking before we got started. Youve been on the force so long. Once upon a time you worked with a rookie cop by the name of I think Dan Bongino back in the street. Back in the day, yes, I did and then he went on to bigger and better pastures.
I dont know the secret service Steve. Well, he served his nation as well. Just like you Lt Richard Mack, New York, city, police, department, strategic.
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