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Obama says goals of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden aren't that different

2020-08-24 | 🔗
Reaction from Fox News contributor Dan Bongino.
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It is 837 here on the EAST coast lets bring in Dan Bongino Fox NEWS, contributor, former secret service agent and former Nypd officer Good Morning to you Dan Rnc starts. Today. President Obama was interviewed about Biden and Bernie and said you know actually theyre not that different. He said this is for the new Yorker. He said. If you look at Joe Biden s goals and Bernie Sanders goals, theyre, not that different from a 40000 foot level. They both want to make sure everybody has healthcare a lot of times. The issue has to do with. How do we get about that and what are the coalitions we need? What I think the moment has done is to change some of these calculations, not because necessarily Joe Bidens changed, but because circumstances have changed whats your reaction, im stunned Obama, finally tells the truth. Listen here is the rule number one of public policy, its that people are politics and people are policy. In other words who do you
surround yourself with, is in fact your policy, especially with the growth of regulatory state, where people can just interpret what the law is. So if people or policy, who is Joe Biden surrounding himself with right what people well hes got Bernie Sanders running the economy, hes got AOC running his environmental policy, so weve got the green new deal advocate out. There I mean listen. Obama is not kidding. This is going to be the most radical left administration in modern american history, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and keep in mind Biden is an empty vessel hes a blank slate meaning all of these radical leftists. He has surrounding him write on him like a blackboard and just put on him all of these taxes and environmental policies, a total disaster. Anyone telling you otherwise is simply lying to you, Brian Dan, unless the president can prove it its going to be a lot tougher fight. Hes got to show that Joe Biden is the agenda. Hes speaking about is not the agenda he will
govern with. Meanwhile, lets switch gears to another area of your expertise, and that is the probe into what happened in two thousand and sixteen. So we know John Durham spent a lot of quality time with John Brennan on Friday over an hour, hes not spoken to Comey yet and when Comey was asked, if hes a target of the probe, listen to what he said, I cant imagine that im a target. I saw the news report that John Brennan was a witness, given that I know what happened during two thousand and sixteen, which was a bunch of people trying to do the right thing. Connell with the law im not worried at all about that investigation of the investigation next im sure will be an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. They just want to have an investigation to talk about Brianhmmm, your witness Dan. Do you think he should be worried? You know, I wonder sometimes is this man a socio socio path? Is he not? Can he not see the evidence in front of him of his malfeasance
Brian? The man was in charge of the FBI in January of twenty seventeen when they interviewed Christopher Steeles, only witness the primary source on the pp stuff and the sick dossier stuff they interview the guy. The guy tells Comeys FBI listen. This is all hearsay bar talk totally unverified, some of it. He says I didnt even say that and Comey runs with it anyway. Not only that think about this. Basically, the only person making allegations against Trump that used to spy on Trump, they were all fake and the guy said it. So instead of Comey saying, hey America, I really apologize. This is sociopath IC, behavior, but think about this right. They had four main targets. Lets go through a few of them MIKE Flynn they charged with lying. Although the FBI says he showed no signs of deception right,
Paul Manafortathey had a case they already closed years ago, George Papadopoulos, even though hes on tape saying this Russia stuff is nonsense. I mean what other evidence do you need that Comey is a total liar. He started cases against people. He had absolutely no case against its completely ridiculous that he keeps denying this Steve, and do you know what else. We also know that Joe Biden was in the oval office when they were talking about. You know the Logan ACT and going after these guys, so lets see what sticks and see. If Mr Durham will have a report before we go to the post office to mail our ballots, meanwhile, Dan, because the Rnc is kicking off today. Actually they are going to start voting here within the hour down in Charlotte. They should be done by 100. What does the president and his team need to get to the american people over the next four nights to win him another
four years of owning the keys to air force? One you know, I think he had a great first start. I noticed this morning his campaign communications put out a kind of contract with America. Listen people like that. He put out a battle plan going forward, hes a businessman. Everybody knows what a contract means and he put out the principles hes going to establish in a second term big thing: Steve and issues that appeal to smaller groups, but mean a lot: everything from school choice to expanding tax cuts to more regulatory reform. These are things America needs to hear and remember. It worked for Newt Gingrich back in the day people enjoy looking at it on paper. What theyre going to see and one more thing. Unlike Joe Biden, he has a record to back it up and say im going to do regulatory form didnt. I tell you that before look at all the red tape, I say im going to do tax cuts in my second term. Did you get a tax cut? Yes, you did hes got all of this stuff to
back it up so thats. What the he has to do layout an agenda. It doesnt need to be Mitt, Romneys, seven thousand page white paper manifesto just needs to be a set of guiding principles, saying I did it before and ill do it again, just get me back in the White House Ainsley Dan thanks for joining.
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