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Obama to campaign for Biden in Pennsylvania

2020-10-18 | 🔗
'I don't think the presidency is determined by endorsements,' Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones says as he weighs in on whether former President Obama can help swing any votes for former Vice President Joe Biden.
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Will former President Obama is making his first appearance on the trail for Joe Biden this Wednesday in Pennsylvania, but with just sixteen days until the election? Will it make a difference? Fox news analyst Lawrence Jones joins us now, weve talked several times. Most people is have made up their minds. Theres, not much swinging left to do. Can President Obama swing any votes, Joe Bidens Way, im, not sure that he can, even if there were still this large set of individual voters that we keep hearing about. I really dont think the presidency is determined by endorsements. Really youve got to be your own man, and I think that has been demonstrated based on the twenty sixteen election, where President Obama got on the campaign trail and he told voters that he felt like it would be a personal insult if they didnt vote for Hillary Clinton and voters said no were not going to vote for you, especially in those swing congressional districts. So again, youve got to
energize your own base, as well as those sliver of independent voters. Youve got to target them yourself. No former president can win that, for you will Lawrence you live in New York City. Sadly, yes will were both Texans, who have moved to New York City ive got to tell you its interesting when the news starts to pick up on private conversations, youve had ive had conversations with people who dont want to be here after the election. It turns out a lot of people feel that way: theres sort of an anticipation not only of an exodus from New York City around that time nervousness about what could come, but an Nypd memo has revealed theyre preparing for protests after the election, starting as early as October 25th and escalating all the way into the new year Lawrence. As I said, you live in New York, youre plugged into both the police department and what happens on the streets of New York. What do you think the reaction will be here and perhaps other cities across this country, depending upon the election results yeah thats that made it for the worse.
I mean to be honest, its been bad for a minute. Not only are they dealing with the murders but, as you know, theres a counterterrorism unit in New York City that is always on hand, making sure that this city is safe and now youve got to deal with now, protests that and riots that could potentially happen if one candidate doesnt win, and so I think, its despicable, I think, youre just going to see more people leave this great city. Because of that and again, as I talked to my sources, every single day, theyre telling officers you cant take off during this period of time, you cannot retire, they have reached their limit for retirement, and now you see that the police academy theyre, trying to get more people into these police are academies because now theres a shortage of cops on the street, because people just dont want to do the job anymore will really quickly. So is the anticipation that, if Donald Trump wins it could get ugly in a city like New York, im sure if Joe Biden wins theyre, anticipating no such
conflicts right, thats, exactly right, theyre, afraid people are going to throw temper tantrums and decide to set the city on fire again, I would argue that is domestic terrorism? Will Lawrence ive got to tell you its what you thought at first just people talking. Oh, I dont want to be here its showing up, not just in research but its showing up with Nypd preparing for such a thing.
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