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Ohio sheriff calls out ‘defund police’ hypocrisy

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones reacts to the Portland commissioner calling 911 over a Lyft ride on ‘Fox and Friends.’
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Steve well, a Portland City Commissioner, who pushed to defund the police recently called nine hundred and eleven over Ann argument, wit, a Lyft driver who would not close his window ive got a Lyft driver. That said, he would just drop the me off inaudible and im not getting out of the car its not happening all because I asked him to put the window up Steve. That city, commissioner, waited until officers a awe e arrived to get a new ride. She called nine hundred and eleven, despite overseeing efforts to defund police here with reaction, Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones Sheriff Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve. She also last Thursday, apparently called for eighteen dollars million worth of cuts to the police out there in Portland.
If somebody called your department called nine hundred and eleven and made her complaint, what would happen to her? Basically, we would have to respond, but when this is all over, we would look. I would be getting ahold of the prosecutor and id be seeing if shes violated any violation as far as tying up emergency services, because somebody wouldnt roll their window up with Covid thats. What theyre supposed to do have their windows down, but its even worse. Coming from somebody like her who has made the commitment that the nine hundred and eleven calls cut those back theyre a waste of to send the police to these calls and defund the police and then go ahead and treat this driver with disrespect. This drivers, car but thats, why these people get elected to these positions or chosen for these positions and they think theyre better than the poor person that has to drive them and make a living id be looking at the prosecutor,
like most police departments, would and for her to do that and have that stance, but then immediately go to nine hundred and eleven and tie that up Steve. I believe, with these ride, share apps youve got to do that if youre the drivers youre supposed to crack the window hell who wouldnt want to do that, I wear a mask most places. I go and weve had an increase here. Everybody are washing their hands being in a car with somebody. You dont know youre supposed to follow the rules, but people get in these positions and and they think, because theyre high and powerful that these people in these positions they look down on and you disrespect them and their family by not letting them put the win e doe down, but its bad enough. But for all people her or someone that wants to defund the police and cut the nine hundred and eleven calls the silly calls that go out
and believe me, we get em, but this is right up there, equivalent of a 9 year old or an 8 year old kid calling or a 5 year old, calling nine hundred and eleven that my mommy wont. Let me have my cookies and milk, its right up there along the same thing except shes, an adult and she knows better Steve. She responded to this question from the Portland Tribune about calling it and she said this. I dont call nine hundred and eleven lightly, but I certainly am not going to do anything that would put my personal safety at risk, its a lot harder when you are black or brown in America to make that decision sheriff hey, listen, its a lot harder for anybody, no matter what color you are black brown white, it doesnt matter. You make good decisions and her decision to call nine hundred and eleven. I believe because he wouldnt roll the windows up and put the windows
up and risk the drivers life who doesnt know her. She should have just told the driver, Lee the windows down and pay for the driver to get where she was going. She made the is situation worse and called nine thousand one hundred and eleven, and she has no apologies for it and she wont ive never met her, but by seeing the stance that she tax on she takes on ninety nine eleven calls and then she blames it because of her color or her being a woman is ridiculous. Steve Sheriff were going to leave it there.
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