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Ohio teens on being suspended for carrying first responders tribute flag

2020-09-16 | 🔗
Little Miami High School students Brady Williams and Jarad Bently share the story on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Ainsley two high school Ainsley, two high school football players briefly suspended from their team, aftercare, iting first responder flags out on the field before Patriot night, which was on September eleven, the game on that night. The flags were honoring, their dads one is a firefighter. The other is a sheriffs deputy. The teams have since been reinstated on the team and joining us. Now are those two students, Brady Williams and Jaro D: Bentley, hey guys, thanks for being with us, thanks for having us Ainsley youre welcome, okay, Brady. What happened me and Jarod? We wanted to carry our flags to honor the first responders who were running from it nineteen years ago, and we were told no and we kind of took that to heart and we still wanted to honor them, and so we did DOT D Ainsley so Jarod. What was that conversation like were told by the School board theres going to be consequences? Well, do it anyway yeah, basically Ainsley? What did your dad say? My dad liked the idea? Ainsley hes, the firefighter and Brady your dad? Is the deputy right,
correct Ainsley. So what did they say after the team? After you were suspended from the team? There is a big blowup which obviously you guys have seen. They just said that they were happy for us and stood behind us. They appreciate what we did and we have a lot of supporters. So Ainsley you have a lot of supporters, im sure the majority of our viewers Jarod. What made you want to do this? Why were you so proud to run out there on the field? Because if it was my dad that had died, trying to save those people id want someone to honor him in that way as well Ainsley, if your dad had died on nine slash, eleven well thats pretty powerful Brady? What was the reason? Why would the school board say? I understand that if its something political- but this is the american flag, so we werent told no to the american flag because we carry that out every game.
We were just told no to the thin blue line and thin red line Ainsley because they say thats political. I cant speak for them. I can only speak for myself, so I dont know why they said no Ainsley okay, so this was the quote from the Board of education. They did not obtain permission from district officials to do this. School administrators must act when students break the rules and these students were suspended from practice. While the incident was investigated, the results show there were no political motivations behind the display of support for first responders on nine slash eleven, but there were stances of in subordination so Jarod. What do you say to the critics of you guys who say? Look these are the rules. You got to stick to the rules, all right, yeah. We broke the rules, but we did it to honor those who died nineteen years ago. So in our eyes we think we did the right thing. Ainsley was it worth it Brady, one hundred percent? If I would have had the chance to do it again, I would Ainsley Brady. What does your dad mean to you? He means everything
I look up to hip. I love what he does. I have said since a kid I want to be a more and now I want to be one even more Ainsley. As a parent im sure hes smiling right now, thats a sweet message: Jarod whats your message to your dad that im proud of what he does and that I want to be just like him: Ainsley thats, really sweet. I hope you all know how much your dads sacrifice, not only for their family, but for our country. They are out there protecting us and were grateful im raising a daughter in New York City and the law enforcement officers are heros because they are keeping us all safe. Thanks guys and please go hug your dads for us, we will Ainsley. Okay, God bless you.
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