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Over 1,500 physicians sign petition supporting reopening schools

2020-07-26 | 🔗
Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, gives an update on the 'Flatten the Fear' campaign on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Jed Jedediah thats something Griff flatten, the fear thats the name of the campaign, backed by one thousand five hundred doctors to reopen schools. They signed a petition in support of getting teachers and kids back inside of classrooms. This fall. The job creators Network Foundation launched the initiative saying in part the risks of reopening schools for non adolescent. Children are low, while the reward scholastic social economic are significant. Joining us is president and ceo of the job creators network White House, hispanic prosperity, commissioner, Alfredo Ortiz, welcome to the show. As always, it is great to have you here on- have a very important topic, talk to us about this petition signed by a number of physicians, what it says and where you think this whole conversation is moving Jed thanks, so much by the way were up to just under two thousand signatures already, and that list continues to grow. Unfortunately, parents, teachers and students are really caught
in the crossfire of an election season of a presidential election season between Republicans and Democrats theyre having it out. Unfortunately, like I said parents, teachers, students, especially students here, are going to be hurt, were very concerned about that. That is why we asked put this petition out there. We are getting this kind of response, which is amazing. You actually come from a family of teachers. You yourself, I believe, were a teacher. You know that teachers are saints in terms of the patience needed to teach kids. You know parents are stressed first of all, to know end in terms of what they can do to teach their kids at home, not just because youre, a great parent doesnt make you a great teacher, were concerned about the level and quality of teaching that really is taking place in this home. You know in home learning environment and when you think about the negative social and economic impact that it is having on our families, especially quite frankly, lower
income lower income households. This is tremendous tremendous issue. I have to tell you Jed. This is actually very personal for me. I came from one of those lower household incomes. When I was a kid, I have to tell you the saddest part of my day when that Bell rang. At the end of the day, I had to go back to a dad that, frankly, wasnt the nicest dad own the planet school for me was my safety zone. T was also a way of creating community what were taking away from our kids, especially in this. What the petition is about especially area social development aspects of going to school, an learning there is so so critical were taking that away from our kids. That is why, again, we put this petition out and were getting the kind of response positive response by the way. This is also supported with science. Science is on our side. On this Jed. We got first of all CDC, making a recommendation already go ahead. Sorry Jedediah, I grew up in a house where both parents had to work
there, wasnt really another financial option, so I dont know what would have happened to a child. Like me, in a situation like this, it would have been really really scary for my parents to figure that out one of the concerns parents have. What will this look like? Theyre scared, sending them to environment where kids are in masks all day where they are in a bubble. Healthy interaction in schools. Doesnt exist. Is that something you can speak to at all Jed there is a study been done with fifteen different countries that already sent their kids back to school. Absolutely the classrooms will look different. We know that because of social distancing because of the different precautions have to take place, it will look different. Look you talk, aabout masks, make the masks fun, create projects make them superheroes. Why do they have be black and blue masks like youre in a hospital? Do outdoor learning? This is great opportunity to use outdoors as classrooms.
You dont necessarily have to stay in the classroom. Expand that out were talking about the case rate specifically theyre. The ones really really desperately need social development. High schoolers. They have a little more opportunity, a little more independence. My focus is the case rate teachers. You know were saying is: please speak out, speak up stand up because we know, as you were, as a teacher in the past. You love your kids right. You love your children. You know this is the right thing to do. Jedediah yeah lets not let this political nightmare traching taking place in the election season, be the reason why our kids are hurting today, Jedediah thanks, so much you bring up an important point of teachers and schools need to think out of box by the way have a spider man mask im ahead of the game. We appreciate it. Hartleys birthday in.
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