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Pakistani court frees man charged with US journalist Daniel Pearl's murder

2020-12-25 | 🔗
A friend of the Pearl family, Asra Nomani, says the family wants ‘justice for Danny’ and think it’s important to keep the man charged with his murder behind bars ‘for the safety of the country of Pakistan.’
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Griff Pack, with a Fox news, Griff Pack with a Fox news alert, will Trrm murder of Daniel Pearl in two thousand and two. Both pearls, family and pack Stanley government are appealing to the Countrys Supreme Court to keep the suspect behind bars here to react is Azra, are Daniel, pearls friend and colleague at the Wall Street Journal and CO, director of the Pearl project Ezra good Morning to you merry Christmas. This is an important story and an important development tell us why youre involved and where this stands its just such a tragic development for Dannys family eighteen years ago. If people can remember that far back Danny was a journalist, he was armed with just a notebook that was his only weapon in the front lines of our war to try to understand what had happened after the nine Slash eleven attack, he had gone to Pakistan and I had rented a home in
Karachi as a journalist, I stood outside of our house as Danny set off for an interview. There were these amazing parrots flying overhead and Danny never returned from that interview. As most people know, he was kidnapped and murdered. Four men convicted in two thousand and two of his murder are about to be set free because a judge in Pakistan has decided to take an activist agenda to their case. Dannys family is valiantly fighting for them to stay in jail and they have taken it to the Supreme Court with literally tomorrow, the family and friend of these four men are going to be standing outside the jail to beckon, their young men. Now older men to freedom, Griff Ezra, how are Daniels parents taking this? They are just amazing
deeps, with a phenomenal human being, and his parents are testimony to his greatness. They are so resilient and positive. You know their biggest message to the government of Pakistan is that their son is gone and they want justice for Danny keeping this man. That was the mastermind of Dannys murder. This man, Omar Sheikh behind bars, is important for the safety of the country of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, and that is their concern today, along with finding justice for their son. They are humanists and they are people who believe in protecting journalists. You know we face such tragedy today because of that precedent that tea partys, I will canner set in two thousand and two Griff Ezra, and just before we
run out of time in just second remaining. What happens next in the plight to keep these men in jail? Well, the? U dot! S government is asking the pakistani government to appeal this case to keep the men in jail and we hope that will happen, and in January 5th the pakistani government and Dannys own lawyer will go to the Supreme Court to keep these men in jail for good. I hope everyone listening will support them, Griff, indeed, Ezra Nomani. Thank you for.
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