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Pam Bondi on Trump campaign filing lawsuits amid election uncertainty

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign adviser Pam Bondi slams Pennsylvania for not letting campaign observe ballot counting.
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Interesting day in Pennsylvania, guys Ainsley all right, thanks, Grady bring in PAM Bondi Trump campaign, adviser former Florida attorney General Good morning to you PAM good Morning, Ainsley Ainsley, I know you there were at that press conference yesterday. Tell us the status of this. I remember the President republicanned sued, that state came back to the state 4 4. They decided to keep it the way it was. You could turn your ballot in as long as its postmarked on election day, but counted through Friday. President now wants to sue the president declaring a victory in PA. He is up one hundred and sixty four thousand votes whats the status of this lawsuit. Do you think it will be successful, sure, Ainsley to press a couple things? Your reporters said we do have evidence of cheating. We will talk about that. Still in a minute were on the ground in Pennsylvania. Im here right now we are not going anywhere until they declare we won Pennsylvania. You see they are trying to suppress us from coming in even the convention center, where the
ballots are being counted. We have intervened in the case involving bukar. She is the Secretary of State LAW, makes it very clear in the: U Dot S constitution, the legislature. They are the ones who determine and manner of votes, not her. She has come in and tried to change the rules of the game. She is a ebb, move the executive branch, and that is not her job. We are going back in the: U Dot S Supreme Court there. The case that will be heard momentarily this morning anxiously is one in state court. We have appealed that what I saw on the ground yesterday should not happen to any candidate Democrat nor Republican in this country. You are allowed to observe the process when your votes are being counted, weigh, followed all the rules. Fifteen people in only residents of Pennsylvania, all these strict criteria. We have our people ready to go, not a mob of people.
Fifteen people well educated, prepared on the issues. All they want to do is observe the vote counting process. Always you know a lot of these ballots came in late. They were standard. We want to see if they were stamped properly. What they have done is put up. It looks like a police barricade all around the convention center. They let them in the room, but they cant observe anything they are about. I said thirty feet yesterday they were telling me late last night, its more like one hundred feet. They are so far away. They cant observe anything. There is a guy go ahead, Brian, okay, so the observation was an issue. Other thing have a problem: if votes got there before November third count them, they are legal votes, absolutely Brian. How do you know if they got there November? Third, because their postmark is not enforced? Can you tell us specifically not simply like the governor is saying I want to count every vote and I love democracy, but just tell us specifically what your problem is with this sure problem
we love democracy and we all want every legal vote counted for every vote that came in late, that was postmarked late, Brian November. Fourth, yes, after November, fourth, after on November. Fourth, that discount on November. Fourth, that discounts every legal vote that come in. That means all the the good residents who are all supporting us in Pennsylvania. Their votes dont count by these fake ballots that are coming in late and they are not letting us watch the process. Steve did you just say, fake ballots. There could be thats the problem if they are letting Steve do you have any any? Have you heard stories of you know ballots that are fake and if so, just tell us what you know well, we know that ballots have been dumped. There were ballots that were found early on. We have heard people were receiving ballots that were dead. You know the thing thats happening Steve, were they legal ballots? Well, no,
not if people were receiving ballots where they were deceased thats, the problem thats why the supervisor of elections cannot extend. She wants to keep extending this process. These two lawsuits go hand in hand. All we want to do is observe whats happening right now within that convention center they have now. I heard this late last night we were with all the people on the ground at 1000 last night. They told us now they have put up huge trash cans. If something is not wrong, why wont they? Let us observe Ainsley, did anyone who was counting? Did they say they saw a postmark of November? Fourth or fifth, you know we talked about that last night and there are good people working in that room. We want them to lose their jobs for coming forward and talking to us so that we dont know but Ainsley. Why wont they? Let us watch its our legal right to watch Steve sure PAM. I remember, and you too do, because you were attorney general of the great state of Florida. I remember in two thousand, when you
know right at the table would be the person from the election Supervisors office and they would be looking and then they would show it to the Republican and they would show it to the Democrats and they were literally at the table. You are saying that no observers at a table. They are way back there, where you cant, see anything unless you zoom in with a tell photo lens, Steve, thats, exactly right. Some of our poll watchers could be in that room. They brought binoculars first, they were told they couldnt use binoculars. Then they let them conceding. They have a right to see and its so far away. They cant see a thing with the binoculars. You are correct and Steve here is something even more troubling in the county that are more red we are allowed. We are allowed to go in and watch its, not consistent throughout this state, its really unbelievable what they are doing. They are obstructing the candidate President Donald
Trump and MIKE Pence, their right to observe the vote, count Brian Gotcha right and if the Supreme Court did their job and said, obviously, if something arrives after November count, we wouldnt be in this issue. It might end up right back in.
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