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Parler CEO on surge in users after 2020 election: People are ‘tired’ of censorship

2020-11-14 | 🔗
Social media application Parler sees an increase in downloads following the U.S. presidential election as conservatives ditch Twitter, Facebook; Parler CEO joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Leaving twitter and Facebook going off to Parler PETE as more Americans ditch it lets bring in John Matze its a real thing. Just hearing from people talk to people, they are leaving twitter. Consider this. The president himself has been censored fifty two times since election day. How do you do things differently over there at parler? Well, you know. Parler is, of course, about free speech, making sure people have a voice again, which is extremely. You know necessary right now, but were so much more than just free speech too, because people also want freedom from the data manipulators. They want change in social media in general, because everybody thought social media worked one way and everyone has been working under the impression that it works that way, but it doesnt and people want a social media like parler that works the way they thought where
it truly is by the people, its private. You choose the content, you want to see and you get the content that youve chosen to see and so theres so much more than just free speech. But you know really people are tired. They are really tired of whats going on over there PETE. So true John and its real engagement I switched over to parliament parler. I was shocked by the amount of people that actually saw were they werent holding it back. I knew it on twitter every time I posted something. If it got close to two hundred retweets, it stops and thats, not a complaint, thats just a reality. So when theres an actual conversation, people are drawn to it and when I say drawn to it, John weve got a full screen of this. Youve got now roughly ten million members on parler youre up five point: five million in just the last week, John youve mentioned to me before that a couple years ago, when you started this, the tech was not ready to go. Is it ready now to absorb that many people well its definitely ready for scale.
Weve done an impressive feet this week in taking the platform from half a million people per day to now, almost five million people per day about four point: five million and that in just such a short period of time, is an impressive feet. Of course theres some bumps along the way, but of course, weve came out very smooth on the other side and were ready. You know were really close to being ready for the next ten million PETE, and I bet do you think you can get the big whale here be getting the president of the United States to move over to parler? Have you entertained or had any of those conversations well im, not sure what hes going to do. He kind of does his own thing, but we certainly would love to have him on the platform, just as we would love to have anybody on the platform and given how hes been treated at the other places. You know it be probably a nice fresh of breath, air for
him or a breath of fresh air for him laughter, PETE John Matze. A lot of people have been screaming for an alternative youve built it at parler. Congratulations and.
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