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Pastor Darrell Scott on ending unrest in America

2020-09-25 | 🔗
Protests are ramping up in wake of the charges in the Breonna Taylor case; Pastor Darrell Scott, co-chair of Black Voices for Trump 2020, reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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In Louisville on the streets once again on this Friday morning, Mark Meredith, thank you very much chair for black voices for Trump, two thousand and twenty and author of nothing to lose unlikely allies in the struggle for a better Black America pastor good morning to you good morning, thanks for having me Steve, what are you making of the vandalism we saw last night in Louisville and the ongoing protests right now, its just becoming utterly ridiculous. This whole protest period in America has gotten ridiculous. We have been protesting or a certain segment of american society has been pressing for months now and have nothing to show for it. Any change that is desired by the community has to be accomplished through legislation, not through vandalism and riots and chaos. You recall when Dr King protested in the 60s. It was peaceful protest, but it led to legislation. This is outside agitation.
We have Miss information disseminated by the left, celebrities, entertainers, regurgitating that Miss information, Inel Flaming, the passion of the american public and resulted in chaos while they go back and hide in their gate, communities and security. The streets of America are on fire. Then we have the outside agitators, who simply want to undermine our american system of government Brian who are they Antifa black lives matter? They dont care about the black communities. They are hustlers waiting for things like this to inflame passions, so they can come in with whatever monster sinister underlying purposes that they have and cause havoc on the streets of America. They ultimately want to sway this election when we see veiled threats from the left, if the election doesnt turn it out the way they want it to turn out. If they dont get the power they want, we will have more of the same its getting out of hand but its time to put a stop to this mess. Thats. All it is a mess
jillian. You are Jill Ainsley, you Pars, tore. Martin Luther King pastor, Graham, is organizing a prayer March tomorrow at the Lincoln Memorial says. If you cant go because of covid, can you watch it live from 1200 to 200 online John Rich is going to be on our show called earth to God. The lyrics is take away the pain we need you now. A lot of people are concerned about the direction of our country. I went on to Franklin Conor Lambs website for the national prayer March. He quoted second Emanuel, thus the Lord prayer for the land. Yesterday in Kentucky they went into a church sanctuary police said I will let did you go if you promise you wont riot. What is your message for this country when it comes to this, because some people, if you look at the AP poll, Darryl, says forty, four percent of the people are not approving will of protests against police. Thirty nine percent are approving the majority dont approve of this. Well, you are absolutely
right. Those that do approve will based on misinformation, its like facts and truth and evidence dont matter anymore. When you look at the facts surrounding the Broornght incident, you will see that the police responded to gunshots. A grand jury decided this. It wasnt the decision of one individual. It was a grand jury, a jury of peers that decided that the police, however, the facts that they acted somewhat recklessly. They didnt go in with intent to kill. We have to take that into consideration, but that message is not getting out there, its the message of us against them. You know the left has created this US against them environment and will police sworn to protect and serve trying to portray them as enemies. They are not our enemies. They are part of our community. We need to work together to ensure the safety of american
citizens and I want lay and order Brian, on a roll with Senator TIM Scott, expand police reform, expand the time in academy and different things with all sides participating, and then it got very political and sad. There seems like an organized insurrection at points. Meanwhile, I was watching last night TNT. I watched Shaquille Oneil weigh in and Charles Barkley Way in on, not basketball, but on Breonna Taylor. Listen. You know. I hear these fools on tv talking about defund, the police and things like that. We need police reform and prison reform, and things like that, because you know who aint going to defund the cops white, neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods, so that notion they keep saying that im like wait, a minute we just who are black people supposed to call ghostbusters when we have crime in our neighborhoods, we need police reform. Like I say, white people, especially rich white people,
theyre always going to have cops. We need to stop the defund or abolish the cops crap Brian. He has gotten blow back on this. I dont know why have you got put this in a separate category from George Floyd or are a medicine Arbery the boyfriend shot at police? The way to look at this too Darrell? What went into requesting that warrant did? They know she no longer was dating the guy they were actually going after. She was with a different guy. Not her boyfriend then was not her boyfriend. The one who shot at the cops when they came in there is a lot of nuances to this. It wasnt necessarily right or wrong, and you are right, but the moment that guy shot he put everyone in that house at risk. He claims he didnt hear the police identify themselves thats subjective right there. We cant prove that he did Brian. What do you think about what Charles said? What Charles said it was will true, but he doesnt need to play
the race card there, its not a black white issue. We want safety in all of our communities. The black community needs safety, as well as every other community in America, so dont try to pin it as well. The whites dont want police reform, but the blacks, thats ridiculous. Charles I mean I understand what you are trying to say, but you need to say it in a different way: Steve Pastor, the president overnighted in the Miami area last night and later today he is going to travel to Atlanta. I know you are one of the you are part of the group, black voices for Trump, two thousand and twenty. Apparently his message is about black economic empowerment. What sort of a message does the President have for the black community? Its going to be more than a message, its going to be a plan, probably the most comprehensive plan for black measures, minority Americans in american history. He is going to set forth his plan to close the wealth gap between the black community and the other communities in America
and its going to be a very, very comprehensive plan: three million new jobs, five hundred thousand new black businesses. You are talking about tax cuts for minority businesses, its going to include police reform Healthcare, a path Wray for housing, its going to be a very, very comprehensive plan that the black community is going to be pleasantly impressed by I cant w wait. I cant w wait its going to be great. What do you make of Joe Biden, keeping a low profile, Steve Low Profile, its no profile, aint aint Hyden Biden, his face in there? Where is he waving behind someone? The president called him low energy Joe? He is like your cell phone. When your battery is running out, you have to have very, very limited use
pick your spot Joe just doesnt. Have it Joe doesnt? Have the energy Joe doesnt? Have the get up and go Joe just doesnt have it he picked his spot. He comes out. He is like Punxsutawney Phil, he comes out. Sticks his head out of the ground, makes an appearance. Doesnt, take questions Steve six more weeks of no reporters fumbles at the teleprompter and then reporters wont even ask him any questions because they know better and then Joe goes back into hiding he crawls back into his hole. He goes back into the skunken place until he resurfaces Brian. I know Americans appreciate when you work Halder for something, and we know one thing the president is grinding. It and Hillary Clinton gringedded it for the most part. He is not and its amazing. When people look at your candidate and decide he is better off not going out today nine times he has called yesterday about 915 in the morning that didnt escape the presidents consciousness. It came up in Jacksonville last night.
Did you see he did a lid this morning again? Do you know what a lid is? A lid is when you put out word, you are not going to be campaigning today, so he does a lid all the time im working, my ass off im in Texas, im in Ohio, cheers and applause im in North Carolina, South Carolina im in Michigan im all over the place im all over the place chanting four more years. Supposing he never campaigns and he wins? Do you know how badly im going to feel im working hard? You have got to work hard. You know what I said it today. We cannot have a low energy individual, as our President Brian. I think he has three events today in Miami and then Atlanta, and then he is over to Washington, Mitch. Mcconnell said something Darrell I think. Can you relate to yesterday and relates to your book. He said its very difficult for an african American in this country. Talking about his
attorney general, you are treated differently if you are a republican, its common african american Democrats, no problem. If you are a Republican, it is. You seem to be eye to eye with this. President, the president is hoping t to get twenty percent of the african american vote and that might deliver the election. Is it difficult to be african American and be a trump supporter? Well, as far as the left is concerned, it is you see, Ag Cammeron doing a fantastic job in Kentucky, and the thing is this: if he were white, they would brand him a racist, but because he is not white, they trot out the black left to come out and call him derogatory racist names, and so he is stuck between a rock and hard place rock and hard place. This guy has a lot of metal to him. He doesnt allow it to phase him. Kamala is missing too. Where is she at Brian? Why is she quiet? Do you know why
she doesnt have any energy either two low energy candidates and Joe is lower than she is Joe, beat her in the primary? What does that say about her Brian Darrell thanks so much? Congratulations on your book, nothing to lose. It tells the story of your relationship with the president, its an easy read and a lot of behind the scenes. Conversations that I think people will enjoy Steve all right. Well, we enjoyed our conversation with you today from.
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