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Patriotic artist running for NYC mayor says city is 'so aggravated'

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Scott Lobaido joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to discuss his platform to rebuild New York City.
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Pete welcome back. Our next guest has been spreading patriotism across the country for twenty five years. He painted the american flag in all fifty states, including this one hundred and fifty thousand square foot. Mural, of course, will in Texas will everything is bigger. There, of course, even spoke out against Nike Painting the Betsy Ross flag outside of their headquarters after they nixed creating a shoe featuring the flag Jedediah. Now he is turning his attention to politics, hoping to make a difference in his hometown of New York City. He has his eyes set on the mayors office. Joining us now is Scott Levedo. Scott welcome a mayoral run. New York City is in a lot of trouble right now. In many many respects. What would be the first things you would do as mayor if you were elected well first, you guys have had me on for over a decade now, not only with my patriotism, but with my activism, I used my artwork fighting for people im a voice for people that are aggravated. We are aggravated this city is so aggravated and
disgusted looked what happened to the greatest city in the world. Why cant I run why cant I be a politician. I can a little bit im a new Yorker four generations. First line of business first day in office, we refund the police. We give them whatever they need, because they, a safe community, is a prosperous community. That is the number one thing to be done. I have liberal friends who hate this man who cant stand him im so glad the liberals are finally seeing look. What Jude Yanni did to the city? Yeah im a Republican im, a conservative im, a liberal conservative. This is my city. I understand how this city operates. These speed cameras. We know about the speed cameras in my hometown of Staten Island. There are thousands of them. They are money, sucking machines. They are not doing the purpose. They were meant to do be at schools. The cameras are running all the
time. One more thing: a million things get the kids back to school. Do what teach them? What happened to wood shop and Mick mechanics? The kids are being taught classes on the psychology of the norwegian woodchuck. What will that get them? Work with your hands? Have a backup job: this is old school. My fathers built this city. My father picked up garbage for the city. It is unbelievable. What is happening to the place people are leaving in droves. No reason why me, as a fourth generation im, a very creative new Yorker can pull this city back together with the right team and im doing it. Pete Scott, you think even Democrats in the city say we need a Giuliani type moment exactly. You know, people laughed, they say: Scott youre, an artist. Look at my background for twenty five years, ive been an activist for the people of this city for the people of this
country. Why cant I put my hat in the ring Ronald Reagan, wasnt a politician, Donald Trump wasnt, a politician. Maybe this trend is working, PETE right, so im in Will Scott leave you with this small point of debate. You may say youre a little bit after politician, but you dont sound like one PETE thats, a good thing.
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