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‘Pattern' of Democrats trying to tell Black Americans how to vote: Paris Dennard

2020-10-26 | 🔗
Rapper Kanye West slams 'racist' approach to Black voters; Black Voices for Trump board member Paris Dennard with reaction.
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Me think about that statement, Brian Kanye West, slamming the notion that black voters only vote Democrat speaking out ahead of November. Third, so should Democrats be concerned about this black voices for Trump Paris Denard weighs in Paris. That statement must have resonated with you. Certainly listen. I think what we see is a pattern of Democrats trying to tell Black America how to vote. First. It was Joe Biden saying if you dont vote for him, you aint black and telling us we are not diverse and Monolith Chelsea handler talking to 50 cent, trying to saying that she had to tell him to remind him that he was black to try to tell him how to vote or MSNBC saying that the black people that came on the Republican National Convention were part of a black minstrel show its absurd and bigoted and black voter suppression, because they know there is millions of independent, free thinking, black Americans, who are not subscribing to what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party
are saying, and they love what President Trump has done is doing and will do through his platinum plan. Brian 50 cent made headlines last week. I looked at Joe Biden Plan lose sixty percent of my money. Make ten bucks give away six from prison multimillionaire. He knows the value of the dollar and how hard he worked to get it ice cube also weighed in he wasnt talking about his wealth. He was talking about others in the african american Community and he came up with a plan. He called both camps and one said, if im elected, I will call you back and one said I got the job. Why dont you come in and spend some time with Jared Kushner and the President seems to very many braced his plan. Its ice cube, listen to what he said to Chris Wallace. Yesterday they listen heard what I had to say and pumped up their plan and presented to the people. I told everybody that you know im not playing politics with this no merit who is the President
im going to get up and go to work in the morning Brian? He took so much backlash and took it on typical, which he is known to be. So what is the platinum plan? And what do you think the administration saw in it? I think that what we saw with ice Cube and Jared Kushner and the Trump Administration is what the Trump Administration has been doing and what Donald Trump has been doing. His entire life, which is reaching out engaging with people and saying if you have a good idea to improve the lives of anyone to make America great again for Black America, White America, Hispanic America to make this country great, we will listen to you. We want to do it. Ice cube had his contract with Black America. He reached out to both campaigns. Biden said yeah. We will talk about it after the election, the Trump Administration said lets listen. They listened for three hours and incorporated some of his ideas into the platinum plan holistic plan targeting the black community access to capital to the tune of five hundred dollars billion, three million new jobs, five hundred thousand new black owned
businesses, making Juneteenth a federal holiday, KKK and Antifa listed as terrorist organization, its a holistic plan looking at health and the economy and looking at jobs and safety and security. Its a positive thing that President Trump has done and im proud about it, Brian right, you think the black vote. You can get thirteen percent this time of the black vote, which is terrible but better than the eight percent. You had last time right. Senator TIM Scott has said twelve to thirteen percent is game over and I believe that is to be true. When you look at the presidents record that record of accomplishment that he has done for the black community in the past, he kept his promises, and now he has the platinum plan for the future. We see polls showing upward support of forty four percent Trafalgar and others. This is an election that black Americans are going to win because they have a winner, frump Brian, do you know who agrees with you Van Jones, famously president Obamas good friend came out and said he has done good things for the black
community and total silence at CNN thanks so much.
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