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Pelosi 'does not deserve to be Speaker,' was 'unserious' about coronavirus relief negotiations: McEnany

2020-12-01 | 🔗
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells 'Fox & Friends' it is 'irresponsible' and 'disgusting' that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, has not worked with Republicans to pass coronavirus relief funds.
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Governor and secretary of state could affect turnout, Steve lets bring in Kayleigigh mcenany. She is the White House Press secretary on the north lawn good morning to you good to join you, Steve. Okay, Griff was just talking about the situation down in Georgia, where they have the twin run off races first week in January, and he brought up. You know the president is talking about how the election was rigged and there are a number of Republicans who are worried that that kind of things could backfire on that particular run off election because they say you know if its rig you had. If the twenty twenty November election was rigged and this one is rigged. Why should I even bother voting? You know, leave it to the campaign to pontificate on the presidents strategy? Steve? Sometimes you are with the campaign, so you know the thinking there. I do im joining you in my official capacity today from the White House lawn, but I will say this. The president has been unapologetic for the last ten months in saying that mail in voting mass mail in voting is subject to fraud. This has been a key part of what
he has talked about when it comes to election integrity. He wants to make sure signatures are matched Steve right. The mail in voting is Sacco, sank and tweeted with the integrity that every american voter deserves Steve cant that come back to backfire with this Georgia special election. No, because the president again look if you go back to when Nancy Pelosi took the gavel, the very first bill she put in place was HR 1. This was allowing people on voting rolls illegal immigrants on voting. Rolls no signature. Matching Democrats for years. Far before the twenty sixteen election, the twenty twenty election rather have tried to make our election system less secure. The president is going to continue to fight for that, while also saying its important to turn out and vote, while also perfecting the system. Ainsley Kelly respond to this. They put out an article about the female staff communication staff. That Biden has selected. They wrote four of the seven top communication roles at the White House will be filled by women of
color and its the first time the entire senior White House communications team will be entirely female. I know that you blasted the paper, some of your staffers did say: hey look at us, we are all female, then you had a guy who is one of the staffers who works on your team. I know all the bosses are females sings. I arrived at the Trump White House, a woman has always been my boss, first hope, Hix, Mercedes Schlapp and Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Grisham and Kayleigh Mcenany and Elise. I guess the media forgot. His name is Judd Deere whats your reaction because they are saying you are lying about it. Judd Deere is a grate member of our team. Every senior role in the White House is a female. This president, out of the five press, secretaries that have been women, three of them have been under President Trump. He appointed the first working mom in Sarah Huckabee Sanders and appointed another working mom and me with a newborn under the age of one consistently empowered women. The double standard in the media is absolutely absurd. If you are a democrat woman who comes into the West wing behind
me, who takes that podium, your biggest concern outside of your official duties is the next glowing profile written about you. If you are a too mail woman in the Republican Party who takes that podium, guess what your worry is. Having a playboy reporter shout questions at you, demeaning misogynistic questions during a briefing its a double standard, one thats, ridiculous and one that the White House Correspondents Association should look into when you have Playboy reporters shouting at women in is I misogyny chauvinistic simply because you are a member of the g dot, Op Brian operation, warp speed. We are waiting, the planes are ready to go and the vaccine is ready to go the FDA isnt. Yet, according to Axios, Mark Meadows has not to a zoom call and show up in person and explain what the delay is. There is a sense they are not working around the clock and that he went to the outer banks to quarantine or
vacation when you should be push being the Moderna vaccine before the middle of December and Pfizer vaccine as of yesterday. I know its easy to punt on this, but what could you tell us? Is there a little bit of tension that maybe the FDA is not working as hard as the CDC and others like yourself and the president? Well, you know I dont want to talk about the meetings that will be going on today in the West wings. But what I will say is this: we are working around the clock, you had Monc EF, absolutely say a vaccine judicially takes four years and twenty five years Brian. Is there a sense that the FDA isnt, the FDA, is working around the clock here? This is a partnership of everyone wants to see american lives saved from Dr Stephen HUN. To this president, this president will never apologize for putting the fire under these agencies to say. Yes, we want a safe vaccine. Absolutely. We also want a fast one, because lives are at stake.
Vaccine by the end of the year can key and paramount, and exactly what this president has done to be rapid but safe, Steve right in the early days the administration said to the governors. You know what, because different localities have different conditions, everybody should be in charge of things in their own state. Some of the governors are talking about more lockdowns or restrictions. I know in Rhode, island yesterday they sent out a text alert to everybody, hey for the next couple of weeks. Try to stay as close to home as you possibly can. How does the administration feel about these new restrictions in various places all across the country, because it looks as if right now you know there is something like forty one states that it is spiking in yeah were at a different place. Today, look we locked down the country once its because there it was a novel virus that came in that we did not have therapeutics for that. We did not know how to handle, because we didnt have testing. It was novel. No one had ever seen. Covid 19, we know how to handle it. Now,
Americans, we are responsible. We know how to wash our hands and socially distance and wear a mask and make wise decisions, but governors should trust their people to make the right decisions. This president, is about freedom. Is he not about shutting down businesses? He is not about locking down states, and he is certainly not about locking down places of religious worship which the Supreme Court said. It was unconstitutional what Governor Cuomo was doing there in New York, because, yes, we have a pandemic, but we also have a United States constitution and those freedoms matter. Even amid a pandemic, Ainsley Kayleigh im reading an article report: okay, Joe Manchin, interviewing him. He thinks one point: two trillion is acceptable which is half of his moderate and wants to work with Republicans a woman who owned a restaurants with everywhere earlier in our show she needs to lay off employees. Cant. Do it close to Christmas. A pregnant woman was in her office crying. Please dont lay me off.
They are not making money because she owns a restaurant. People need help whats. The latest Joe Manchin needs to have a discussion with Nancy Pelosi, who has been fundamentally unserious in a way, thats, irresponsible and, quite frankly, gussing that she resumes the house puts the house back in session and what are the bills she puts forward about legalizing marijuana about going after Tiger King and regulating the use of tigers instead of focusing on the american people and the relief thats needed her stimulus bill was chock, full of guess what mail in voting regulations, to try to secure democrat power in the halls of Congress. While this president said Nancy Pelosi, you wont negotiate with me, guess what I will do protections from eviction. I will do more funding for unemployment insurance via executive order. He has been serious while Nancy Pelosi has been derelict in her duties. She does not deserve to be speaker ever again, Brian. She almost lost it. This time they were within striking distance Mitch. Mcconnell is putting the heat up on Nancy Pelosi.
There is no reason for them not to have their relief package and Joe Manchin Senator Warner and Dick Durbin are working with Murkowski ROM, anything Cassidy and Collins to try to get something done. They are trying to get from bottom up leadership. To actually act. Will the president pick up the phone and get them to act? Will he put the pressure on like he always does behind the podium? He has continually put the pressure on. I can tell you, having had daily discussions with chief of staff mark meadows, the secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. They have consistently moved towards Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the President, as his surrogate going towards the hill Nancy Pelosi has been laughablable. She wants this amount of funding to open schools and we give that we give more than that and she rejects it. She has been unserious so well continue to move toward the left, but that bipartisan group again needs to put pressure on the radicals, Aocs of the World and Ilhan Omars that Control Nancy Pelosi like a Marion netted, Puntd Ainsley. I thought it was kind
of the president to reach out to Joe Biden on Twitter and say look. I wish you the best and hope you get well son soon. Some were questioning whether he was sincere. What was your reaction? What is the presidents reaction? The president was being sincere. We are one country we all have our parties at the end of the day. We are all american thats. What this president understands leave it to the media to continually take him out of context, think the worse of him, its just what they do, and we are used to that here in the Trump Administration Steve all right Kayleigh. Thank you for joining us on the.
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