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Pelosi has been the most divisive person in D.C.: NY Post columnist

2020-12-07 | 🔗
Miranda Devine weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’ about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., signaling she will now support a scaled-back coronavirus stimulus bill after months of deadlock.
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Vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs on board with this on board. With this inaudible, perhaps you missed what I said earlier Joe Biden committed to ending and questioning the virus. What was then before was not more of this. This is, has simplicity its what we have had in our bill, its for a shorter period of time but thats. Okay. Now because we have a new President Brian right again, you challenge her and she loses her temper. After months of negotiations House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is ready for a smaller coronavirus bill all because Joe Biden heading to the White House really, while Americans and business owners struggle. Does this mean it was about politics all along
Miranda? Devine? What does it tell you on the precipices of opening a nine hundred dollars billion package when she would not approve anything under two trillion? It just shows you how cynical Nancy Pelosi is and the fact that thee sets cranky when she is challenged on. It shows its a soft spot for her, and she is under pressure from her own people because she had such disastrous showing in the election. The Democrats went back wards when everybody predicted that that they were going to win states for the Republicans and therey no blue wave. There was a red wave, a lot of that. You can put down to her shameless hack, steering on the stimulus bills. You know smuggling in pet projects like marijuana, weed, dispensary legislation, and you know diversity for corporations. None of it. She didnt care about people actually suffering out there. The Republicans were trying to just give stimulus, money direct to suffering people. She was playing politics with
it and I think the only reason that she was negative before about things twice as big as this one and okay now is because she wanted people to suffer because she calculated Cold bloodedly that that was going to play better for the Democrats in the election and it was going to damage Donald Trump and in fact she is the one who has really been damaged. Brian Miranda. I think she is jarred to the core two hundred and twenty two to twenty one eleven and they are still gaining probably going to gain additional seats because of the way these things are being recounted and no one predicted this. So this is a rebuke of her and her leadership, and now the masses on the democratic side in the house are going to pressure her yet alone, the left side going to pressure her. She is sitting on top of a volcano when this nine hundred billion dollar gets passed. This is a punch to her solar plexus, it sure is, and she will try to
put a face on it, but her days are numbered. I think its basically a referendum on what an awful job she has done as speaker, she has been the most divisive person in Washington D, DOT C. All she is focused on is her hatred of Donald Trump, as if that is everything in this country- and you know that me, the lasting memory of her is going to be that state of the union address when she stood behind the president and ripped up his speech. That was disgusting, and it showed that there is something not quite right with Nancy Pelosi. She is so eaten up with hatred, but its affecting the way she behaves, Brian with all other her yeah power. Look at the state of San Francisco today. Look at her district. It could not be worse. The lockdown could not be more strict and the virus could not be raging any greater and thats what she is presiding over instead of saying. Why is her district so great and given special attention? We see what her policies do
and she has to step over homeless to get into her private jet to get to Washington on a regular basis or she can stay home in her multiple refrigerators and eat ice cream. At least the american public is.
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