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Pence calls out media during VP debate

2020-10-08 | 🔗
VP debate panel on 'Fox & Friends': Tony Katz, Kelsey Bolar and Joe Concha on media bias during the VP debate.
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I think thats, one of the I think, thats one of the things that makes people dislike the media so much in this country. Susan, is that you selectively added just like Senator Harris, did comments that President Trump and I and others on our side of the aisle make. I mean Senator Harris conveniently omitted after the president made comments about people on either side over the debate on monuments. He condemned the KKK, NEO Nazis and white supremacists and has done so repeatedly Steve. You have the vice president, suggesting media bias at last nights debate, accusing the press and the moderator of selectively editing. President trumps comments lets bring in panel to act. Indianapolis based radio talk, show host Tony Katz right there. Next to me, you have got media reporter for the hill, Joe Concha right there and senior policy analyst at the independent Womens Forum, sellly bollard
good morning to all of you good morning. Stevee Tony lets start with. You was the moderator selectively, editing things to go against MIKE Pence. Well, some people will tell you that the moderator was selectively editing MIKE Pence by telling him. Thank you, Mr Vice President. Thank you, Mr Vice president, and stopping him from finishing a sentence, but really it comes from Kamala Harris utilizing the Charlottesville lie once again. President Trump did not say there are very fine people on both sides, part of the larger conversation where he condemned white supremacists and these NEO Nazis totally. It is a nonsense line that Donald Trump is an anti semite. It is untrue. Im jewish! I speak for all the Jews, its nonsense, stop it be ashamed of you for pushing this kind of garbage. It was that kind of talk where she didnt have to Kamala Harris, had opportunities for great points and she decided to throw in lies. She decided to throw in Russia
she kind of ruined her own messaging with people who may have been paying attention just that little bit to her Steve so Kelsie, do you agree that Kamala Harris was selectively, adding things that Donald Trump and MIKE Pence have said to make a point and the american public is listening. They probably dont, know absolutely and look. Susan page did an excellent job last night, but these debates would be far more effective if debate. Moderators came prepared with paper trails of facts about the statements that the candidates have said arresting certain issues that they are choosing to ask about. There are paper trails of President Trump condemning white supremacy condemning racism. Of course, there are not those paper trails for the would be Biden, administration, condemning anarchy that has been playing out on the streets all summer,
but there is no reason these debate monitors cant have a paper trail when they are centralling these individuals on these issues, the american people can look them up. Its very clear Kamala Harris was misleading on issues like fracking. She refused to answer whether or not they would pack, the Supreme Court and paper trails would make these debates far more honest and effective, Steve all right, Joe Concha Survey, Monkey and Axios Steve- and this is one a poll I cite often because its so telling found that ninety two percent of Republicans say that traditional news outlets knowingly report false or misleading stories, at least sometimes. Okay. Yes, of course, the right going to complain about the media. Well, seventy nine percent of independents and even a majority of demococrats agree with that sentiment. I also heard last night by the way Steve that MIKE Pence interrupted so much. We had the final tally in terms of speaking time, MIKE Pence, thirty, five minutes, twenty two seconds,
Kamala Harris thirty, eight minutes, forty eight seconds, so she nearly got four more minutes of speaking time to say, Kelseys point nothing, questions about packing the court, no questions on Antifa, no question on abolishing the filibuster. No questions on raises money for bail fund that helped free domestic abusers, including one man accused of sexually assaulting an 8 year old. The bias of omission was on full display last night in terms of the questions in terms of the framing, and it even got to the point Steve that chinese state media sensorred MIKE Pence, took him off the screen during one segment of the debate when Kamala Harris started. Speaking again, he came back on only it doesnt happen here. It happens in China as well Steve there you go. This is a lightning round. Everybody gets about fifteen or twenty seconds. Tony Katz does last nights debate, move the needle one way or the another, no it doesnt, but it gives the pence and trump
people a lot of ammunition to show here is where Kamala Harris continues to lie and continues to obfuscate. That is certainly helpful when you are making campaign ads Steve all right, Kelsey, not necessarily, but I hope it will calm the american people down shoat american people, the distinct contrast between the policies of the Trump Administration and what would happen under the Biden administration MIKE Pence was extremely effective in contrasting those policies and thats. What we need to hear more about, as we move closer to have the election, Steve and finally, Joseph if Joe Biden only serves one term, this becomes a very important vice presidential debate. Let me end it with this frank. Luntz Focus group found that Kamala Harris was quote: Eavailable nervous, shifting blame caring, snarky too rehearsed, nervous, evasive, unsteady rigid and Unpresidential Kamala Harris by almost all counts did not win this debate,
or at least it was a push MIKE pension got the Trump team back on track its up to the put to carry it forward. Next week, Steve.
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