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Pence on DNC: We only heard a negative view of America, no acknowledgement of violence in cities

2020-08-21 | 🔗
Vice President Mike Pence joins 'Fox & Friends' to share his reaction to the Democratic National Convention.
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Brian anxiously Steve Ainsley Griff. Thank you so much lets bring in the vice president of the United States, MIKE Pence good morning to you, Mr Vice president, good morning, Ainsley Ainsley good morning. What were your takeaways over the last four days? I think the whole of the Democratic National Convention was a very, very negative view of America, and there was no attention paid too two of the most important challenges that our nation faces, either during the convention or during Joe Bidens acceptance speech last night, that is, the violence thats be setting the families in major cities across this country and the economic and strategic challenge that we face with China, not a word about that. As far as I could tell from Joe Biden last night and from any of the speakers. Instead, we heard that negative view. The criticism, the ad hominem attacks against the
President of the United States and all of it, with the exception of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, was bereft of any of the policy descriptions that youre going to hear next week. We are going to talk about what this president has done to revive this economy. Rebuild our military strengthen the constitutional liberties with conservatives to our courts at every level, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party has been overtaken by the radical left while they didnt talk about it very much. Their agenda is higher taxes, socialized medicine, open borders, abortion on demanding and efforts to cut and reduce support to law enforcement. At a time of rising violence in our streets and thats, a choice were going to make clear to the american people next week, Steve. So, Mr Vice president, we are through the Dnc and next up the Rnc that starts in earnest on Monday
and then, after that, the next big political events will be the debates. There will be four three with Donald Trump VS, Joe Biden and one you vs Kamala Harris. You know she is going to bring up how you guys blew the covid response and everything else that she feels. You have done wrong. What from her background and what, from joes background, are you going to bring up well look? Joe Biden has been in Washington for forty seven years, and the speech he gave last night was just more of the same talk that we have heard from him and other liberal democrat politicians for the decades and the contrast between what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are offering and President Donald Trump is a difference between a talker and a doer, Joe Biden and Barack Obama, with their effort to raise taxes, regulate the economy, spend and
bail our way back, presided over the slowest economic recovery since the great depression. By contrast, in three short years, President Donald Trump cut taxes rolled back regulation fought for free and fair trade, that put America first unleashed american energy, and we saw three million jobs created and its remarkable to think Steve that in the last three months, while Joe Biden last night said that the economy wont come back in the coronavirus is over news flash to Joe Biden. The economy is coming back, Thund, presidents leadership. This economy has added nine million jobs back just in the last three months, and the only thing that stands in the way of a full economic recovery. In twenty twenty one and behind is Joe Bidens agenda to raise
taxes, increase regulation pass his green new deal and we are going to take that case to the american people. Steve and the stock market is right on the edge of their record highs, so thats a good sign, but the unemployment is still stag gerring. Mr vice president, back to Kamala Harris, you know once upon a time she was all about law enforcement. She referred to herself as top cop and now look where that particular ticket is on redistributing money for the police and things like that she has been. You know. The mainstream media has tried to portray her as a moderate. When you look at her record, she is far from it. Look Senator Kamala Harris is a California liberal who had the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate in two thousand and nineteen and her selection as Joe Bidens running mate. Just confirmed everything President Trump and I have been saying all along that Joe Biden and the Democratic
Party have been overtaken by the radical left and look. We will talk about that im. Looking forward to that debate, more than I can tell you, you need look no further than what Bernie Sanders said in his address at the Democratic national convention. He conceded that many of the ideas that that were considered radical, his word radical just a few short years ago, are now mainstream in the Democratic Party. I can tell you they are not mainstream in America. The american people want a president who will support our military, reject socialism oppose higher taxes, and they dont want a presidential thats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to abolish fossil fuels in this country. They are going to end fracking in great states like Pennsylvania. They are going to destroy more
than ten thousand jobs right out of the gate, thats the choice we are going to take, whether its debate night every day of the next seventy four days, and I think its going to result in four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House, Brian, Mr Vice President, in these conditions, in a pandemic with an economy, thats taken a hit like this with civil unrest, its going to be a tough, its going to be a you will tough haul to get four more years. We know that. How do you handle Republicans like Governor Kasich, Secretary of State Powell, and now seventy other republican national security officials are endorsing Biden? How do you explain that? Well, look. President Trump came to Washington D dot c. He he came to up end the status quo in the establishment I mean. The fact is that Collin Paul who served our nation in uniform and he supported Democrats in the last three presidential elections, no shock there and I wont even mention some of the others
I mean, but im happy to take. This president wants record on the foreign stage to the american people in the next seventy four days, because this is a president who has put America first, he has put american security first, I mean where Joe Biden actually criticized this president for taking out the most dangerous terrorist in the worm. Kassem Soleimani President Trump rebuilt our military. He disseminated ISIS, he took their leader out without one american casualty. I think most significant of all Brian is that this president stood strong against China, half of our international deficit, Brian, Mr Vice President, why dont? They see that you are talking about William Webster and Michael Hayden. Michael, lighter Donnelly these people who served under Reagan and bush- I cant account for it. When we came into office. Half
of our international trade deficit, five hundred dollars billion a year was with China. Chinas military was growing, their aggression was growing. We continued to see China flexing its muscles throughout the Asian Pacific. President Trump announced that the ear wrath economic surrender was over. We stood strong against China imposed tariffs and, as we rebuild our military reaffirmed our commitment to freedom of navigation. You know China is getting the message that America is going to continue to stand strong and the fact that Joe Biden in his speech last night never mentioned. China was truly remarkable and its also remarkable Brian, that the Democrat nominee for President of the United States never mentioned the violence. That is claiming lives and destroying property in major cities across this country, and I want to tell you this president. This administration
are going to stand with the men and women of law enforcement with programs like operation legend, where we have seen the arrest of more than one thousand criminals in cities across the country already were going to bring law and order to our cities. You are going to hear about that next week, but the fact that Joe Biden didnt talk about China didnt talk about the violence in our streeghts streets tells you all. You need to know about the liberal agenda that they are going to try and advance on the american people, Ainsley funny that you bring that up, because the president also addressed that. Listen to this. If you want a vision of your life under Biden presidency. Think of the smoldering ruins in Minneapolis the violent anarchy of Portland, the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago, and imagine the mayhem coming to your town and every single town in America. You are not going to have law and order Ainsley when you poll people
they are really worried. They are fearful. They are scared, a of another shutdown because they need their jobs. They need to put food on the table and pay their bills, and they are also fearful because crime is going up. They are fearful of their safety. Where do you and the President stand on these issues? Well, you know Joe Biden said last night anxiously that democracy is on the ballot character is on the ballot. Well, let me be clear: the economy is on the ballot law and order is on the ballot and the american people know it. You know I have been traveling all across this country supporting law enforcement talking about the growth in this economy and this presidents vision for bringing the economy not only all the way back, but building even a greater economy than the world has ever known over the next four years, and the contrast with Joe Biden and the Democrats are offering are astonishing. Think about that in the middle of a global pandemic, Joe Bidens First ACT will be to
raise taxes on the american people by four dollars trillion to advance a two trillion dollar version of the green new deal to stifle american energy and take us back to the kind of economic surrender to China and other countries. That literally saw more than sixty thousand factories close over the last twenty years. In this country I mean thats the agenda we are going to take and its also an agenda of law and order and law enforcement support. I mean this president believes that we dont have to make a choice between supporting law enforcement and supporting african american families and our cities and other minority families in our cities. We have done both from the beginning of this administration were going to continue to do both, but the Democrats are offering a vision for this country that would crush our economy and promote the kind of policies that will resort in more violent in our streets,
and I think the american people know it Steve. Mr vice president, speaking of law enforcement a couple of days ago, we did a story that was broken by wibwtv in Topeka, where at a diversity, training event at the Goode Year, training event at the Goode Year plant in Topeka, whether a you can and cannot wear to work, couldnt support, blue lives matter or maga hat, but could wear something that talked about black lives matter or Lgbtq. Things like that. Since then, the Goodyear shares have tanked. The president has called for a boycott, and the chair of Goodyear has tried to clarify. He says: Goodyear strongly supports our law enforcement partners and deeply appreciates all they do to put their lives on the line each and every day for their communities. We have clarified our policy to make it clear associates can express support
for law enforcement through apparel after the Goodyear facilities. I know the president said that it sounded like Goodyear was playing politics. What do you think? Well, I just think the american people really appreciate a president had speaks his mind and speaks out against this cancel culture. The way president Trump does, every time we see it happen and the very idea that employees couldnt be expressing their support for this president for o hat is o hat is breathtaking again, its all support of the cancel culture agenda of the Democrats. What we heard at the agenda this week and I didnt watch much of it frankly- I couldnt watch much of it, but there was so much negativity, nothing but ad hominem attacks, and but at the end of the day, elections are about choices and, as we convene, the Republican National Convention were going to make sure that the american
people see the choice here. This is a choice between a president who has rebuilt our military made America more secure, revived our economy stood by our rights. Our second amendment rights appointed conservatives to our courts built a wall on the southern border, made all the incredible progress, supported: law enforcement and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party, overtaken by the radical left with an agenda that will result in higher taxes, socialized medicine, open borders, abortion on demand and continued calls to cut defund dismantle or, what did Kamala Harris, say, reimagine law enforcement in a I think that will simply invite more violence and more mayhem in our streets, Brian. Mr vice president, I saw Jill Biden on another network and they asked is Joe Biden getting out of the basement when the doctors say or scientists say it is safe, we will do it.
Is it safe to campaign? Is it safe according to the Trump team, to have crowds? What are you doing going forward in the final sprint towards November? Third? Well, what were going to continue? We are going to continue to respect the guidance of state and local authorities. The good news is Brian. Is that an excuse he is making up, because he doesnt want to campaign. You are out there. President Trump is out there. President Trump is around the same age. What else the truth about campaigning stuarting to get the impression they dont want Joe Biden out of the basement Brian, why the speech last night and reading a speech on a tell promp is one thing, but literally being out with the american people. As President Trump was yesterday, and I was in Wisconsin the day before or sitting down with people and doing interviews and answering questions thats part of the process. Look, we are going through a time of testing and the american people have risen to the challenge.
I hope everyone is as encouraged as we are to see cases declining in the sun belt. We believe in the midwest because of strong actions taken the cooperation of the american people. The positivity rates are leveling as well were every single day closer to that day that we put the coronavirus in the past Brian you are going out. We have an election. I think it may be one of the most important elections in the life of this nation because of the its a choice between president trumps record and agenda of freedom and opportunity versus a democrat agenda driven by the radical left and Joe Bidens vision that will result in socialism and decline for America. I know we are going to lay that choice out. We will travel all across this country and we are going to win four more years for President Donald Trump in the White House Ainsley. What was your reaction
and the presidents reaction to Steve Bannon pleading guilty spending improperly the twenty five billion dollar border wall? Fundraiser money? The president was actually critical of that initiative months ago in a tweet, and I dont know any more about the case than that and what we have seen in the newspapers. But I will tell you, I think one of the great accomplish s of this president is that, after years of open border policies of a government looking the other way as illegal immigrants surged across our borders, this president has kept his word and built nearly three hundred miles of border wall. On the southern border and we have seen an extraordinary reduction in illegal immigration, Joe Biden last night didnt talk much about their agenda, but we know Joe Biden and the radical left want open borders and
amnesty for eleven million illegal immigrants, Brian, Mr Vice President, they are trying to say going to build the wall and I think every American should be proud that we have done that. This president used his authority as president to secure billions of dollars to build the wall, and that was the right way to do it. Brian, Mr Vice President, what they are saying and critics are saying that Don Jr on the website crediting them for their entrepreneurship. This whole twenty five dollars million mission. The president told Kris Kobach of Kansas that he supports it. What do you say to both those things? All I know is what the President said tweeted about it months ago. He didnt think it was the right thing to be done. We will let that play itself out. The president is very clear, but the amazing thing is irish back. The amazing thing is irish: back
in the day, the fought tongue and claw toll fight funding to build the wall that the american people voted for in twenty. Sixteen president Trump declared an emergency on the southern border used his authority as president as we stand here today, nearly three hundred miles of border wall constructed illegal immigration down so dramatically, and this president is going to continue to go forward to fix this broken immigration system once and for all Steve. The Joe show is over. You guys are up next. Mr vice president, thank you for spending twenty five minutes with us this morning here on Fox AMP friends, great to be with you. Thank you Steve all right. Thank you very much goodbye and good luck. All right. By the way, the invitation is open for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to stop by Fox AMP friends.
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