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Pence: The future of this country is on the ballot

2020-08-25 | 🔗
Griff Jenkins goes one-on-one with Vice President Mike Pence at the RNC.
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Brian stark contrast from the Brian Stark contrast from the Democratic National Convention delegates allowed on the floor to listen to President Trump and Vice President MIKE Pence speak at the Rnc Steve, as you can see, they were distanced. Griff is next to the vice president. There spoke exclusively to the vice president. I got a feeling griff you were tested before you got that close to him, thats right, Steve and Brian. I had to take the covid test passed that obviously- and it was amazing to shadow him to spend a day in the life with the vice president, as he went down there to make the case that this election is all about a choice between the Democrats and another second term of the Trump Pence Administration watch. When you compare the message of whats coming this week to what we saw in Delaware last week, how do you see it differing? I think the choice in this election is clear. The american people are going to see a great contrast. We have president who said we
are not going to shut this economy down again and to hear Joe Biden talk about shutting down our country again. Just shows how out of step is he with the progress we have all made as a country? I know Joe Biden last week said the democracy is on the ballot president Trump and I believe the economy is on the ballot. The future of this country is on the ballot law and order is on the ballot and were going to take that case to the american people Griff. What is going to be the message of the administration this week about how we get the situation in the streets under control from the first day of this administration, President Trump and I have stood with the men and women of law enforcement, and we always will and the violence thats ensued in cities across the nation is unacceptable, and the fact that Joe Biden in his acceptance speech spoke not a word about the violence is just really astonishing. Have you given any consideration to running in twenty twenty four for president,
all of my focus is on getting this. President reelected, for four more years, this is not only the most important election to lifetime. You didnt say no to my question two thousand and twenty four. I will note that he didnt rule it out Laughter Griff. There have you it Joe Biden said he might run for a second term might be MIKE Pence running for president in twenty twenty four, who knows incredible, experience and fascinating to see MIKE Pence isnt phased at fazed.
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