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Pennsylvania GOP pushing to undo vote certification

2020-11-29 | 🔗
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano vows to take his legal fight to the Supreme Court if necessary.
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Will Pennsylvania State Senator vowing to take his legal fight over the election results all the way to the Supreme Court? He, along with members of the statehouse and Senate filing a resolution to appoint the states twenty electors themselves here is Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano thanks for being with us indulge me a moment. I want to maximize my understanding where we are talk about process and timing and then get to evidence towards the back end. First, I understand tomorrow is the final day of the Pennsylvania State Legislature meeting. Do you have the support that you need to replace electors with those who would appoint or apportion the states votes to Donald Trump? Any think you made clear. That is the goal with the resolution. Do you have the political support to do so? Yes, the hardest part right now, as you rightly said, is timing. We have one day before our current session expires, so things need to happen to make sure we actually have more time.
It is just no time to get the next body of senators and representatives seated before January, and so it is an odd time. I dont know why this rule is in place here, but we need to get ourselves seated here. There is good thing: there are more republican senators and more republican House members won the election on down ballot on lead up to the show. That is the challenge as far as getting a new group in quickly will lets fall back if we can for a moment on what the United States States constitution allows. Here is what is says how electors are appointed. Each state shall appoint in such a manner, as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the Congress, but no senator or representative or person holding an office or trust or profit under the United States shall be appointed an elector in essence, what it is saying, state, legislatures, appointee, electors,
youre running out of time. Where do you stand in terms of persuasion and support? Doing what you want to do? I will focus on my Senate version of the resolution, because there is some difference between me and house. Eight of us are signed up cosponsors. That is a good start that normally takes time these times that try our souls there is no time were following back on the eighteen. Ninety two precedent: Mcpherson inaudible Bush versus Gore. We remember as well, hopefully give my colleagues a little more strength and courage to move forward in nineteen. Ninety four there was state election outside of Philly, so corrupted the Democrat senator was thrown out of office. The republican loser was put in by judge newcomer. There was so much evidence and shenanigans. We have our actions on the legislative side. What were trying to do in the House and Senate in Pennsylvania. On the other side, the Trump team will have to ask a precedent court. Looking at evidence, we
have, we looked at it at my hearing. Yes, there is systemic systemic cheating, oar fraud. Therefore, elements of the election will be corrupted. Will unfortunately, a hard break well run out of time. This is important issue talk about this much more. If you could, what is the most compelling piece of evidence? Youre put towing your fellow state legislators to persuade them to switch your votes er. The hearing in Gettysburg was eye opening first time for a public hearing. My point was: what happened? Eyewitnesses come up one of the most compelling the data analyst looked at six hundred thousand ballots came in all, except, I believe three or four thousand went to zero point. Zero two percent went to Trump. That is statistical anomalies like that raise the eyebrows. Will I apologize? I apologize cut you off im running up against the hard break that statistical analysis. I read about that. We need to dig more into that.
We hope to do that on Fox AMP friends. Explain as much as we could in the limited amount of time.
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