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Pentagon orders USS Nimitz back to the Persian Gulf

2020-11-29 | 🔗
Fox News senior strategic analyst Jack Keane on Iran nuclear situation following killing of nuclear scientist.
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Over to you, PETE Pete, Irans Supreme Leader, vowing, definitive punishment for those involved in the assassination of Irans top military scientist believed to be linked to Irans nuclear program. This comes as the Pentagon orders. The USS Numb miss back to the Nimitz back to the Persian Gulf lets, bring in Fox NEWS, senior strategic analyst and retired four STAR General Jack Coon to weigh in Jack Keane to weigh in when you look at this assassination that we believe was likely done by the Israelis. What is the impact of this? Well, I think clearly what theyre trying to say the Israelis. Certainly they have intelligence that were not privy to have publicly so the United States is sharing that with them. The Israelis have always believed, and they have the evidence to prove it that IRAN really intends to build a nuclear weapon. They went into Tehran in two thousand and eighteen in January and cleaned out a warehouse of classified
information that they brought back to TEL Aviv, and it revealed absolutely that IRAN is developing nuclear weapons and and they fully intend to despite the nuclear deal so thats really the issue here. What the Israelis have attempted to do, PETE is below the level of conflict delay the development of these weapons as much as possible, and it explains why theres explosions taking place all over IRAN in the last year to include one at that stands, which is a uranium enrichment facility, widely believed to be the Mossad doing this in an espionage campaign, along with iranian resistance groups. Why to slow down the development of their nuclear enterprise PETE for Israel, its existential it may be academic for others, but IRAN has said quite clearly what they would do with a nuclear weapon. Now theyre saying theyre going to retaliate,
do you believe itll be significant or something they can just use for internal propaganda to make it look like they did well, I think the election certainly will have an impact on the Iranians. They never really significantly are retaliated for Qassem Soleimani being killed by the Trump Administration last January PETE Correct, and that is because they wanted to see the outcome of the election now. It appears that were heading towards a Biden presidency and I believe they will meterrer their response because meter their response, because the one thing they dont want to do is with a new administration, so poison, the well that theyre not going to be able to get the sanction relief that they believe this administration will give them the. So I suspect that will cause them to limit their response somewhat. They dont want to walk up the ladder of escalation to that degree, with a new administration and therefore put any
negotiated deal off the table, PETE so potentially lob a few missiles and say it was revenge and move on to see if they can get a better deal and move toward a bomb which is ultimately what we know they want. Now. Not everyone agrees. It was a good move. In fact, Ex CIA director John Brennan said this. This was a criminal act and highly reckless. It risks, lethal retaliation and a new round of regional conflict. Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible leadership to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits. Was this a criminal act? He probably would have said the same thing about killing Qassem Soleimani thats, pretty extraordinary, to say something like that in the face of what Israel is dealing with IRAN, IRAN is a threat to the United States. Theyve proven that theyve blown up our embassies, theyve killed our soldiers in Iraq. Theyve killed thousands
of us in forty years, but theyre not an existential threat, nuclear weapons in their hands with ballistic missiles and the continuous and repeated threat to destroy the astronaut of Israel. Iran is an existential threat to the survival of of Israel. That is why their determination and resolve is so different and im stunned that a former CIA director would not recognize this level of intensity and determination for what it really is is to protect the security of the israeli people PETE. He knows better and he knows it General Jack Keane. Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it.
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