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Piers Morgan: Trump 'much more effective' exposing Biden's flaws in debate

2020-10-23 | 🔗
Piers Morgan, editor-at-large at DailyMail.com, reacts to final Trump-Biden debate, media, and 'woke' culture on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Americans are watching, we will find out if England was watching, go outside to Piers Morgan editor at large, daily mail, dot com, wake up excellent book about where we are right now in the world, Pierce, your take being that you know the president, is he a little mad? Have you been critical at him? You have a job to do looking at what did he last night? How are his fortunes different today than they everywhere before the debate? Well, you know, I watched all the debate this morning when I got up here in London. The thing that struck me Donald Trump had a much more measured tone. It was like he muzzled himself. He tamed himself from the kind of ranting beast that we saw in the first debate and it was much more effective. It was much more effective for a exuding, a dare I say, presidential which Democrats have been show in this particularly turbulent year, more effective in exposing his opponent, Joe Bidens flaws, because actually a calmer, more reasoned debate, where it
was clear that President Trump is better prepared, I think than he has been before it allowed people to focus a lot more clearly on Joe Biden and his policies, and I thought one of the most effective tools of Donald trumps tactics last night was the way he kept referring to Joe Biden as said well, look you keep seeing you are going to do all this stuff. It does beg the question. Why didnt you do it in the eight years that you were vice president ened, he goaded him so successfully that eventually Joe Biden chucked Obama under the bus and said on the immigration issue. Well, you know im going to be president next time, not vice president. We didnt do enough. That was a big moment. I felt for Trump Steve sure and a dig at Barack Obama. I wonder if Barack Obama was watching Hey Joe. What are you doing to me? He cant be happy about it, Steve he cant. I just read your brand new op ed this morning at daily mail and its very good, and I agree with a lot of your points. You do wonder whether or not trumps great performance last
night is too late, but you do say that he really Joe Biden really gave the Republicans a gift by talking about how I would transition away from oil because its like wait. I think there is something like ten million jobs in the United States that are dependent upon the oil and gas industry yeah and some of the states directly impacted by this, of course, crucial states for Joe Biden to have to win and extraordinary gamble. It seemed to me he could have phrased that a very different way he could have just said. Look. I think we should be exploring more in knee number energy, a lot of people in the oil industry. We have to be careful how we do this, but to simply say yes, im getting rid of the oil industry as Donald Trump seize very quickly on that, and what about all these states? Joe Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and so on that again a powerful moment for Donald Trump
Ainsley. He lied about fracking. He said I never opposed it clips saying. Is he going to get rid of it and fossil fuels as far as Hunter Biden? He said I have done nothing unethical. I have never accepted one penny from foreign countries. This is what the media. This is. The medias reaction watch this talking about the bidens personal corruption, a little bit about Hunter Biden, most of those charges, unverified charges, so heinous im, not even going to say them just nonsense with no evidence just completely made up complete fabrications and falsehoods has very little evidence behind it. The nastiest ugliest smear gains, desperation, american politics, desperation, move. If you didnt follow it closely. You probably dont quite understand what the hit is. If you are not immersed in right wing media- and we are cable, hosts laughter, we are cable hosts and we dont know the details laughter. What are they talking about? Some laptop? No one knows the details of
these conspiracy theories. Ainsley, piers whats, your reaction. Look I dont care if you are pro Trump Anti Trump. One of the things in my new book is about fair mindedness. At the very least, these journalists are revealing themselves to be hyper. Partisan lets be completely clear, Swap Hunter Biden name for Donald Trump Jr. Do you think all these journalist also be talking in the way they are about these New York Post? Revelations from where I sit as a former newspaper editor, I have seen them run day after day after day, a revelations from Hunter Bidens laptop. They say with emails between Hunter Biden and various business associates and, as we sit here today talking, I dont believe either the existence of that being hunts, laptop or existence of those enails has been questioned, noble on the Biden, side denied, laptop or emails some conspiracy, it may well be messy involving Steve, Bannon and Rudy Giuliani,
who knows how it came to get to the post, but putting all that aside, isnt the basic fundamental duty of any journalist on any media organization to at least look at the allegations and if they havent been denied on what they say. Brian piers, back up your point. A thirty seven year, veteran of a marine decorated marine was a business partner before the debate. He had a press conference, your Exemployer CNN didnt even cover it, nor did MSNBC about the President of the United States son that implicates him in a deal that says they sat down together and discussed it. That has the text message that says never bring up. Joes name only face to face. I just want to say it again: doesnt that back up the validity of the story, or at least to pursue the story and doesnt that segue perfectly to your book. What it backs up is just my belief. This is no denial about the laptop being hunters and no
denial that these emails are genuine. There has been neither of those denials. Journalists should have a duty, if theyre impartial to investigate it with the same aggression and enthusiasm. They would investigate it if the name Biden was switched for Trump Steve, exactly its not being done its all over. The russian collusion fiasco several years that they dont need. Much of this so called hard evidence to upset a better story. If they want to say they are making a political calculation, not a journalistic one, Steve Piers, your new book is wake up, while the world is going nuts. Thirty seconds tell us about it. The woke cancel cultural. This liberal, illiberal faction, noisy people on social media, think they have the God. Given power now to cancel anybody who doesnt speak, how they decide. You should speak, who doesnt find the same jokes funny who doesnt like the same tv,
shows or movies, or dress the right way, or do anything frankly that hasnt been signed off by the Woke brigade, im sick of it. I want to lead my life. How I choose to do so. I bet your viewers. Do too. I bet you presenters do as well. I want the woke crowd to get canceled, because what they are doing is not what the woke viewers originally supposed to be, which is to social, racial injustice and awareness of that it is not a form of fascism. They want to tell us thousand lead our lives and how to behave and speak, and its got to stop Brian were going to stop it in our two countries. We will do our best in the United States and you handle the. U DOT, k right. You know ive got this Ainsley. Is he waking up the? U dot k every morning? The title is perfect for several reesks thanks. So much great so see you if the president is watching answered might be. I know you unfollowed me on twitter, very critical about you in this crisis. You may want to refollow me now. If you take my advice, you still have a chance of keeping the Whitewhite House Steve. You are not direct
messaging. Just talking to him. Brian already won the Atis. So no ulterior motive chosen me as apprentice and apprentice is speaking out now: Ainsley Op Ed. What happened last night at the debate might have saved president trumps presidency. Thank you. So much for your congratulations on the book. Go to Amazon and local book.
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