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Police chiefs speak out against ambush on Los Angeles deputies

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Protesters gather outside hospital treating deputies; reaction from Manchester Township Chief Lisa Parker, Detroit Chief James Craig, and Miami Chief Jorge Colina.
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Brian back with a first alert Brian back with a first alert, two deputies in LOS Angeles now expected to survive after being shot in the head. Ambush caught on camera sheriffs office says protesters then blocked the entrance and exit at the hospital where the deputies were taken. Yelling we hope they die here to react. Is our panel of police Chiefs from New Jersey, Manchester Township Police, Chief LISA Parker Miami Police, Chief, Georgia and James Craig? We will start with you chief Craig, your reaction to this series of events. I dont remember ever hearing the emergency room blocked and a hospital being protested in realtime. You know Brian. This is absolutely a new lowsidely im, not surprised. There are some anarchist movement, thats spew hate. They incite violence now taken to a level blocking emergency entrances to a hospital
for others that might need immediately. I have not seen it in forty four years in this business Brian. How does this happen? How is there not a fear of killing a police officer and getting caught Jorge? You know I think people are rationalizing everything and when you think about what happened there in l dot a county, the fact that you have two officers sitting in a car and ambushed for no reason other than wearing a uniform and show up at the hospital we hope you die. While you block off the entrance to the hospital depriving people of medical services, it is such lack of humanity by the way that has nothing to do with politics or you seeking social justice or reforms, thats, just hate being exhibited, and honestly it should be denounced by everyone, Brian, I think part of the problem Chief Parker Over in
Miami, but you might have it there, but definitely in LOS Angeles. You cut one hundred and fifty dollars million out of the budget, and you indicate that a lot of these police officer murdermurderers you are setting table and putting gasoline on the fire thats a good point. Brian. First and foremost, I want to send prayers to the family of the deputies, good news to hear that they are doing well. Thats first and foremost, im sure that that PD out there has shaken it to its core. We felt it in New Jersey as well, and when you talk about defunding or just reducing police budgets, you cant expect police officers to be everywhere all the time doing everything again look at this. We are over one hundred days of rioting. When do we say enough is enough? When do we? Let businesses go back to doing business? Think about just even here in New York City, our families, we would have been in New York multiple times we dont go to New York now, and
I wouldnt suggest anybody going there. Its hurting businesses, people are leaving. When does America say enough? Is enough and my thoughts its in the polls in November Brian remember, over one hundred ceos wrote a letter to the mayor of New York and said clean up the city. Sanitation is down its a mess and then make it crime free the way it was, and the mayors answer was: oh, we dont have enough money. We dont have enough money. Unbelievable lets go to chief Craig, I see after this happened. They went over to the protest, enkampement and immediately cleaned it out. As horrific as this is. Is this an opportunity for the LAPD to get back on the offense? Absolutely I spent twenty eight years its horrible with the stories I
hear about just in some instances, inaction there each and every day, finance a great city to see this happen is so unacceptable. I like what LISA says when you talk about understand one community here in Detroit has spoken loudly. They dont want it here. They some of these protesters to leave not all of them. We have had over one hundred days by and large most of it has been peaceful, but there have been instances where they became aggressive. This must end and we have to stand together, link arm in arm and say these are our city streets. This is our home its time for this to end Brian chief, you want the protests to end over one hundred days Da Portland. Do you know what I heard we are going to stop allowing the men and women to use tear gas is that the help you need yeah?
I have seen that, and I know that Jim had to deal with that up in Michigan, where they literally passed legislation, or rather an injunction saying you cant use shields, tear gas. I think what people dont realize is the very reason why you have those tools is to defend yourself number one, but really so you dont have to put your hands on someone and potentially harm them. The idea is that you can allow people to disperse peacefully without having that contact. Yet we keep seeing people wanting to push the other way. It gets worse. People get more aggressively and get more brazen and break more laws, and somehow the response to that is lets be more lax. I dont know what the electeds are thinking. Brian, do you know what the trend is, because the police have been disempowered because the protesters are blowing off steam. People are taking this into their own hands and they are upset, maybe sometimes trump supporters or
others who are for law and order are coming in, because the cops arent allowed to do their job. We are seeing that in Portland and Seattle. Well, I support again what all the chiefs on the panel have said, and particularly just across the nation, its time to take our cities back its time to stand up its time for Silent America, the silent majority to speak up, to stand up and to support local law enforcement. Brian right to help you men and women not to do it themselves, thats clear we dont want a Charles Bronson situation, thats correct Brian thanks. So much for your insight. I wish it was under better terms. Maybe this is a turning point to.
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