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Political insider explains voter fraud with mail-in ballots

2020-09-01 | 🔗
New York Post writer Jon Levine on how a Democratic operative admitted to fraud.
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They better ignore the activist. Meanwhile, a democratic insider sharing his secrets with the New York Post about voter fraud and fixing mail in ballots. Saying quote: this is a real thing. There is going to be a war coming November. Third, over this stuff. If they knew hows sausage was made, they could fix it. Maybe thats the point of this story joining us now, the reporter, who got the interview, John Lavigne, John First off what made you convinced that this guy or person was for real. You know its just. He came to us well, First Brian, thank you for having me on the show Brian no problem. He came to us and it was the level of detail. He was able to offer and story. He was able to tell- and you know, obviously we had to keep him anonymous because you know he would face. You know very severe prosecution for some of the stuff he was talking about and you know the evidence he presented us, and you know just this is a very serious guy. I would not say household name, but its someone who you know
you could sees a a has, a very lo track record with some of the biggest politicians in that state up and down once he started talking and once it came from the horses mouth it was both. It was revealing, but also chilling, I would say Brian flawed and wasnt surprised to see the Fox AMP friends weekend. Do it and talk about your story, it was on Sundays, New York Post, so you talked to the anonymous source and he said not only has he done it himself. He trains others to do it in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, as well as New York, and here is an idea of what he does here is an example democratic, operative, real thing, blanking war November third over this stuff and if they knew how its done. This is how they could fix it, and one of the areas in which you delve into it. How they do it is the envelope is much more
full proof than the ballot. The key is getting the envelope correct right. What he would say is your voter is mail. The ballot once the ballots go out, they fan out and they knock on doors and they convince people to hand over completed ballots, which you might be thinking. Oh thats, crazy, but he laughed its easier than you think hello, im, a district leader im with the county this or that im here to mail. Your ballot, shocking number of people will just hand over completed ballots, and you know there San area in the article where he says you know you got to make sure to sprinkle the ballot in different mailboxes, because if you put them all in one mailbox its suspicious there was a voter mail job pointed to got busted. I would never make that mistake. They put all the ballots in one mailbox, Brian open up the envelope and put the new ballot in steam. It open here is another story:
Post Manuel, for example, a rabid, Anti trump guy and working in Bedminster for republican strong hold. Can he take those blank ballots? Knowing ninety five percent are going to be republican? Can he throw those in the garbage? And I guess he has done that- I mean, and how would you know and once a ballot is cast thats it you dont, get to cast another one. There is no mechanism to prevent that. There has been cases in New York which are documented in this article, where you know, like five hundred ballots were delivered to the board of elections eight months later, and it was just like you know, they were found in a corner somewhere. We dont know how they got there, who put them there. Those people ended up being disenfranchised Brian in New Jersey. We already know what a debacle it was in these primaries and New York had one too, with ballots being left in postal floors or not appearing at all. Another point you have is from a
nursing home, for example, said anonymous. The nursing home ballots, nursing homes, where the nurels is actually a paid operative, go room by room to old people who still want to feel like they are relevant and they literally fill it out for them that happenings a lot you dont even need to steam it open. In that case they just its. You know this has been called granny harvesting in the past. They dont even have to steam it open, because the nurse is on the payroll and then they just go, and the nurse gets a stack of ballots hello. We are going to do the ballots together and then its both fraud and its elder abuse. Frankly, what did you walk away with out of all of this? The operation when you would wrote the interview and the story? What did you walk away with the take away from me and his take away too? You dont need to the answer here is not to abolish mail, know voting, but that there are some very, very easy ways to make it
a lot safer. You know things like you know having a water mark or bar code, or just you know saying how treat a ballot with the same security you treat the money. I could never take a twenty dollars bill and put it into a coffee machine and come out with a new twenty dollars bill that I could just go, spend at the store thats a one way ticket to jail, treat a ballot like that. Put security features like that in make it as secure as the money just voter education dont hand your ballot to a random person that knocks at your door, saying he will deliver it for you. Do it yourself, Brian read this story and no longer say: election fraud is possible, its so alarming. Jon, good job.
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