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Poll: 75% of Americans prefer capitalism over socialism

2020-12-27 | 🔗
Political analyst Tezlyn Figaro discusses economic policy, Biden’s free community college plan on ‘FOX & Friends Weekend.’
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On Instagram, over and over and over Rachel thank you Griff socialism may be a growing trend on the far left. It is not gaining popularity among everyday Americans. A new poll shows only eleven percent of voters would choose socialism over capitalism. Seventy five percent of Americans say capitalism is still king joining me is political analyst former Bernie Sanders campaign director for social Justice, Tezlyn Figueroa. What do you say is the message for socialism not resonating the way your old boss Bernie Sanders around AOC would what I say Rachel, I dont believe pollsters pollsters completely jumped out of the Georgia race. They consistently got it wrong. Over and over pollsters depend who youre asking the guardian posted a poll that more people wanted socialism than capitalism bottom line. We have to look actually what we know.
We know voters selected Joe Biden, who was not a socialist when people had the opportunity to select Bernie Sanders around him Medicare for all policies, they decided to go with Joe Biden. There is debate that is really true or if the system is rigged. The bottom line we can see folks are in the middle as moderate voters, but the country is still very deeply divided. The left will continue to push socialism type policies like Medicare for all. They will continue to say majority of folks want Medicare for all, yet I dont see them voting at the voting booth. This comes down to who youre putting in office what theyre pushing policies. What we can see is a moderate and his name is Joe Biden. Rachel lets move to another topic. Joe Biden doubled down on his pledge for tuition free for tuition free for community colleges, public schools, universities. What do you think about that? I think it is kind of putting the cost issue rising cost of
college on the backburner. Just talking about who will pay for it. Is this a winning message for the Democrats? If democrats want to win, it is every democrat candidate that stood on the stage had some type of plan to relief people of college debt. These are, this is about Joe Biden actually doing what he promised the same way trump voters to do what he did in office. Democrats have the same right, Joe Biden, to do what was promised one of the campaign promises to relief college debt, offer free college, community college or some type of community college free for the voters, so the at end Day Democrats have the right to expect the same. We insist on him doing exactly what he said. He is going to do not only double down triple down. Republicans dont want to hear this morning if you dont, like it run in two thousand and twenty two there is year coming up called two thousand and twenty four you get Republicans back in office between now and then Joe Biden should be pushing policies. That Democrats demand
Rachel Well fair enough. Elections do have consequences. Tezlyn, thats, right, Rachel well see as a parent who is paying for college right now, I think addressing the cost would be more effective. You know that is debate for another day. Thanks for joining us, giving us.
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