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Pool renting app makes a splash

2020-08-22 | 🔗
No pool? No problem! As more people look for outdoor activities, Kurt 'The CyberGuy' Knutsson tells us about a new app that lets people rent pools by the hour.
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Pete way, Nowill no pool PETE Way, Nowill no pool no problem, Jedediah and app helps users, rent, a private home pool or let you rent out your own pool PETE, the Cyber guy Kurt Knutsson, joins us from a pool that he may or may not have rented in Beverly Hills. I have a feeling your pool would go for one hundred bucks an hour, its called swimmily. The app private pools can be yours by the hour. If you own one, you can make money doing this. Some people are making as much as five thousand dollars a month renting out their pool. The app has six thousand listing already throughout the country, including this one here in California, which im just bananas about this motorized thing its about bringing the gear. When you rent you want to bring your own gear, you bring your own towels and toys, because in this covid time
we dont share. This pool is an electric powered, dual motored item that will tool around a lake or a pool for hours on end. You can find the perfect shade the perfect sun get to the averages on the side of the pool very easily, and these inflatables from pool candy they sent to us. I asked: do they want to give the viewers a discount, they said sure how about twenty percent I said sounds good to me. If you go to poolcandy dot net, all this will be thirty percent off dont. Tell me you dont need a glitter unicorn PETE. I dont need a glitter unicorn. Maybe I do this right here that ive got the pouch is incredible. This is the Aqua vault waterproof pouch, and this is how it works go swimming with it
and you can go down thirty feet that will keep it safe in the water for hours on end. You can still use the phone fully functional forty percent off with the code Fox at the aquavault dot com and finally, weve got this. You bring your own entertainment. This is a cool wonder boom version, two its about ninety nine dollars and ninety eight cents available on Amazon. It also floats, but you wont, hear the sounds in the pool. Yeah will all you need is a pool and you can rent it. You just need your drink. Jedediah ill, take Petes glitter unicorn. Can you put that on hold for me ill? Take it? Are you kidding? This has got your name all over it. Go to cyberguy dot com. Well, show you the details. If you missed the codes, ive got them up on the website. Pete good, stuff,
Kurt Knutsson. I hope theres liability waivers involved in.
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