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Portland marks 100 days of protests

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Reaction from attorney and U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow.
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Chants, what are dewant justice? When do we want it now? The city of Portland, reaching a grim milestone this morning, one hundred straight days of violent riots, more than seventy rioters facing federal charges, since demonstrations began in late May, with no apparent end in sight here to react. Peter Kirsanow, on the? U DOT S commission on civil rights, Peter! Thank you for being here this morning, even more arrests last night, if you would talk to us about the implications of this kind of prolonged violence, rioting and looting, what does it do to a city? And what would you compare it to yeah? You know we dont really have a comparison, because no other cities had one hundred consecutive days of rioting and with the egregious and occasion Ofabridge an occasion, dot others hav measures to staunch the violence.
In this case I wont, say they have been promoting their violence but giving Tacet approval to the violence even more limited capacity. We do have historical analogies. You look at Detroit, for example, back in the 1960s, my hometown of Cleveland, in the 1960s and host of other cities that experienced rioting, usually just over two or three days. The rioting may have been more widespread and violence a little bit more profound. We see what the impact is again. One hundred days of consecutive days of violence in Portland suggests that the dynamic that we saw back in the 1960s may prevail here. Look at Detroit Detroit at the time was one of the wealthiest cities in the entire world. They had a population of one point: six million one point: six million it has a population of six hundred thousand within short order. Nearly a million people left in my home town of Cleveland. We had sixty percent contraction of the population. People who could flee, fled businesses that could flee, fled
PETE. Why are they fleeing Peter? What is the dynamic that makes them say? Okay, this is over im not going to rebuild im going to move. Do something else: crime, property damage. Businesses have been allowed to suffer the cops in Portland at least what I have seen have tried to do, the best they can given the stance of the administration, which is frankly pathetic stance, border wall negligence. When you have an administration, we didnt have this in the one hundred and ninety six 0z, whether you have an administration sitting idly by and approving whats going on, not almost approving, approving the protest and, by extension, the riots wouldnt condemn it because have you, businesses who can flee flee property damage is extraordinary. If you can leave you leave now, Portland has slightly different graphics than some of different graphics than some of
the other cities. Do it was a growing city at the time it may not have the type of flight that some of the other cities had, but its going to experience that also going to experience a surge of surge in crime see that in every other city PETE more recent example is Baltimore. You see these types of riots, we cover them. We see the arrests, the looting, the rioting, the arson, but its the people that are left to pick up real, quick right so Baltimore after Freddie Gray, Ferguson, St Louis after the Michael Brown situation replicated far more widespread in Portland Demographics different in Portland, but similar dynamic. This was incredible. Abdication of government responsibility. I cant believe citizens would put up with this PETE. Hopefully they dont have to crime roots. Urban decay live.
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