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President Trump announces $13B worth of new relief funding for US

2020-09-20 | 🔗
John Sizemore, co-owner, Sizemore Farms, shares his perspective on 'FOX & Friends.'
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Jedediah the Trump administration once again coming to the awed of Americas, struggling aid of Americas, struggling agriculture, industry, announcing an additional fourteen dollars billion to help farmers and ranchers impacted by Covid 19 PETE. Here on what this aid means is: strawberry farmer and co owner of Sizemore Farms, John Sizemore? How would this good morning PETE? How have you been impacted over the last six months? And what was this aid do for your industry? Well, we were certainly impacted and what we saw our products very perishable. We saw extremes on both sides of demand, so I I think it added volatility to our markets. I think what this means is this round of relief will be the difference for myself and a lot of other farms remaining viable,
and I think in a larger sense, that we appreciated that the Trump Administration Reck E Nices, that domestic food production is critical. That theres one thing that this pandemic has shown us is that domestic control of critical industries is important and it doesnt get more important than food Jedediah. You know, John, have you spoken to farmers that deal with other types offed food? Is this a general trend that they feel that aid like this will be really impactful s and what are they hoping to see? You know if Trump does get reelected? What are they hoping to see as we hopefully come out of this pandemic and these businesses get the boom that they so much deserve? Well, certainly, as Americans have changed the way we get our
food, our supply systems are adjusting to that and it takes a bit perishable commoditieses like myself, dont have the luxury of storage. So if we do not have a market for it, it goes to a food bank or worse gets wasted, but I think, as long as we can keep everything viable and working, it will be positive. Will we just have a moment left? You said the Trump administration seems to understand the importance of domestic supply, of critical elements like food, Med, sun. Whatever it may be medicine, have you noticed that same type of mentality from customers, customers always look for the cheapest product? If right, but it seems more and more, people are paying attention to where that product comes from most certainly- and I mentioned the Trump administration and also id like
to mention locally, our governor will right. Certainly Governor Desantis recognizes the need for domestic production, and people are thinking about what theyre eating. At this time, PETE John Sizemore Sizemore.
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