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President Trump calls out Biden for 'flip-flopping' on fracking

2020-10-23 | 🔗
Will Biden's comments on the oil industry hurt his election chances?; reaction from Trump campaign senior advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.
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I would transition from the oil industry- yes, oh thats, a big statement. That is a big statement, thats a big statement, because I would stop. Why would you do that? Because the oil industry pollutes significantly? It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. Mr President, he is going to destroy e the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Okay? Will you remember that Pennsylvania Oklahoma Vice President Steve Joe Biden gets husband statement that he would quote transition from the oil industry if elected after President Trump calls him out for reversing or Fripp flip flopping on fracking here with reaction, CO, authors of Trump America, first Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve Okay, Corey here in a couple of weeks, when they look back at things that may have turned around the election was Joe Biden talking about where he would transition
away from the oil and remind people that he he has flip flopped on frack fracking. I that to have an impact Steve, I think its going to have a huge impact, particularly in Pennsylvania. You know there was an op ed e in the Wall Street Journal. That said, Joe Bidens plan was put in place. We would see six dollars a gallon gasoline. What does that? Do it hurts the poorest of our communities? It hurts the people who can least afford that, but thats what Joe Bidens policies are: theyre draconian theyre targeting the people who cant afford it the most and were going to put these people out of business thinking that were going to transition to this green new deal, Steve right, it doesnt work and the people of Pennsylvania, arent going to support that and thats. Why Donald trumps going to win that state and get reelected Steve David? You flew back with the president last night. How did he feel about that? I think he agrees with what Corey just said.
This was a big moment in time and only the president, not the moderator, but the president of the United States picked up on it. He proved that point. He made Joe Biden. Repeat it, and now we have the video that shows Joe Biden lying about closing down, shutting down, fracking and ultimately destroying the economy of Pennsylvania and that that was a game. Changer Steve, Steve Right, a game changer for us and were going to close this election and win Pennsylvania again like we did in twenty sixteen Steve speaking of Guam changer. Was this a game changer the ultimate October? Surprise: ninety minutes, before the debate, America met Tony Bobulinski, who was at one point one of Hunter Bidens business Associates and essentially he said I dont care what Joe Biden has said. I have personally met with Joe Biden to discuss a deal with the chinese energy company. So when Joe Biden says, ive never talked to my kids about
their business. Thats a lie. According to this guy watch. This I have heard Joe Biden say that hes never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt9 with the Biden family, including Joe Biden. I is have no wish to bury anyone. Aye never been political, but what I am is a patriot and a veteran Steve. Corey, how big is the fact that we met this guy eleven days before the election Steve? It goes right to the Widing syndicate, the Biden Crime Syndicate that hes talking directly about this is like getting one of the capos of one of the organized families to flip thats. What hes done here? He now has direct evidence to corroborate everything we have been reading about in the New York Post, which says all these mails are awe. Innocent Thetic Joe Biden was part of this, and
they had ten dollars million to kick upstairs to him, this dose directly to the heart of the Hunter Biden controversy. I believe a special counsel should be appointed immediately and look. The scary part Steve is that the FBIS had this information for over a year and chosen to do nothing about it, im glad its finally out there Steve, who knows if the FBI knew what was on that laptop David final word, first of all, Steve. If they didnt know what was on the laptop theres a lot of questions about the leadership at the FBI. I can assure you of that, but this issue goes to the corruption of Joe Biden. The the president of the United States called out Joe Biden on making all of that money. Everybody knows. Donald Trump was a successful businessman. If you look at somebody who makes one hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year, which is a lot of money, but one hundred and eighty thousand dollars as a u dot s senator and then affording all of these houses somethings funny about that. We need a special counsel to investigate this. The american people deserve it.
Look with a fake Russia, collusion allegation perpetrated by Hillary Clinton. We this president, had to suffer through three years of investigations of House and Senate Hearingings and of Robert Mueller, and then we had the fake Ukraine issue and this garbage of Ukraine, and we with had he was impeached over a perfect phone call. This. This is real evidence real testimony and he claims those pieces of evidence. Those phones, those ipads or laptops, have direct evidence. If the FBI has that the attorney general must look at it and I think for the american people, we must have an independent counsel. A special counsel appointed immediately Steve lets see what happens.
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