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President Trump is set to return to the campaign trail in Florida

2020-10-11 | 🔗
Former Florida Attorney General and Women for Trump co-chair Pam Bondi reacts to President Trump returning to the campaign trail, starting in Florida.
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Quarantine as he gives them essentials with a smile Jedediah, look at that dog. I love it absolutely. Okay, after making his first in person, public appearance since his covid diagnosis, President Trump is eager to return to the campaign trail PETE tomorrow, the president returns to the all important state of Florida, where he will kick off a full week of campaign. Events starting in the Sunshine state will here what we can expect to see. Former Florida attorney general women for Trump Co Chair its PAM Bondi Good Morning, PAM good morning, will tell us about the busy week the President has scheduled. I know he has three events starting with Florida. What can we expect from the president? He does. He has so many events in Florida and around the country get ready to see President Trump coming to an airport near you. He is all over the country. He will be in Florida multiple multiple times, because Florida not only is his home state, but he knows how very important Florida is to the entire country will PAM. I have to ask you real
quick, because another part of reaching these rallies are huge for him. They will continue to be. No doubt he is crisscrossing the country hard to compete with the amount of eyeballs come with a debate. You were part of his debate prep last time. Do you have an update where we are on him standing toe to toe with Joe Biden the next couple weeks? I was part of the vice presidents debate, prep PETE, sorry, the President wants, of course he wants to debate Joe Biden. He wants to debate him in person. That is it. What a debate is all about not looking at a teleprompter not reading cue cards, which is what Joe Bide Roane would be doing from his basement. Weve seen what he has done with other things. He has done youve seen that at the the things he held where they were, the questions were set up and he was reading the scripted answers. That is horrible. That should not be done. We cannot trust him to debate over a video, so the president will go out there to reach the american people himself on Friday.
He was on with rush Limbaugh. I think it was the largest radio rally. Ever he is back. He is back stronger than ever. He will be all over this country. Speaking to hundreds of thousands of people, Jedediah PAM weve seen that one of the key issues that voters care about is the issue of law and order. Florida police Chiefs Association made first ever presidential endorsement backing president Trump. You were there for the announcement, give us your reaction, Tock there, what it was like to be there in person and also to the announcement in General Jedediah. It was great. These one of the officers came up to me said he was very somber and he said our country will be lost without President Trump and thats so correct thats. Why thats? Why why Joe Biden, cant name, one single police organization who endorsed him? President Trump has over thirty law enforcement organizations who have endorsed him, including here, is just a few, for example, Jed
the nations largest police union, the fraternal order of police with three hundred and fifty five thousand officers, the National Association of Police. Two hundred and forty one thousand sworn officers: the Union of Police associationses, eleven thousand New York police, Benevolent Association with twenty four thousand, and then in Florida we have the Florida police, Benevolent Association, thirty thousand officers and Friday, the Florida Police Chiefs Association, so incredible amount of support from police because they know who is going to protect them, and the country knows who is going to keep them safe, thatS Donald Trump will PAM. In fact, I think we have a list of endorsements all the police organizations that endorsed the President Trump. I dont a story on a fox amp friends, a lifelong Democrat, a sheriff who shifted over to endorse Presidedent, Trum
ive, seen polling on this PAM. I dont know im genuinely asking you has law and order remained a top issue for voters out there. Do you think one that is swaying people? You had PA rally where that was the theme law and order on the White House lawn, but is it one that is moving non committed and independent voters? I can only tell you from my experience being all over this country for the president and in many swing states and throughout Florida people want to be safe. We talk about all these other very crucial elements for the race, the economy, the Supreme Court. None of that works, if were not safe people get that they understand that theyre. Looking at whats, going on in Seattle, theyre watching whats happening in Wisconsin theyre watching whats happening in New York City and people want to be safe and they understand just like there
is officers down in Miami on Friday. They all understand how important it is to have President Trump reelected. He will not defund them, like Joe Biden will do he will not reimagine police, like Joe Biden, will do which means defunding them. We all know this PETE with his great military career. Pete knows as well first hand that the great men and women of our military, all of our first responders, are supporting president Trump. So I think that is going to make a big difference in this race. As you said, undecided voters they really care about their safety. It is not just law and order, it is being safe, so they can go to church today, so they can go to their jobs, so they can take their kids to school. Jeb Pete take it for granted until its not there until the fragility. The security is not there.
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