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President Trump joins Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’

2020-11-29 | 🔗
Maria Bartiromo asks Trump about election fraud allegations, potential path to victory in his first interview since the election.
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Will coming up on Sunday will coming up on Sunday morning, futures? It is President Donald Trump speaking out in his first interview since the election Jedediah here with a preview anchor of Sunday morning, futures Maria Bartiromo, Maria welcome as always. So what can you tell us about this? Give us a sneak peak. If you will Maria well, I can tell you that, increasingly, we are hearing from not just Trump supporters, but from broadly the american people that there are questions about irregularities in this election. President Trump is going to talk to us about that and he is going to go through what his legal team is doing to pushback on the election results. Now we did get some news over the weekend in Pennsylvania. We are expecting the legal team of President Trump to pushback on that and appeal to the Supreme Court, so we are going to go through all of the six challenged states right now.
The Trump legal team is challenging six states because of potential fraud, and we are going to walk through it with the president. The president wants America to know that he is fighting this. He believes that there was fraud. He says the facts are on his side, but time is not. He has the next several weeks to prove this with evidence and he is going to walk through that evidence with us again. This is the presidents first interview since the election. You know that there are a lot of questions about the election and we are going to get into it. There are also statistical. Impossiblities is what some people are calling it. When you look at the victory of Joe Biden, given the fact that the president had the best outcome in terms of the black and hispanic vote, Joe Biden, apparently getting eighty million votes more votes than anybody ever even more than Barack Obama. Well get into. All of that, and importantly, the president will walk through a potential path to victory for President Trump thats coming up in ten minutes
time and it will be live with President Trump PETE. We will be watching. Congratulations, Maria im, going to ask you to tip your hand. If you will is there a question? Viewers are going to be looking forward to a big answer on. I know. Youre going state by state, but is there something youre really itching to ask Maria well theres, also big Tech, PETE, you know what big tech has been doing. Ive got to tell you last night I posted on Instagram. I was having president trump on in this exclusive interview this morning. One of my girlfriends tried to forward that, and she was not able to Instagram would not let her forward the promotion that I was having president Trump on this morning on Instagram. So we talk a lot about twitter and we talk a lot about the censorship going on. We will take a look and zero in how much of an influence big tech had in this election. Get president trumps comments on that as well. Will Maria I have almost no time, but my quick question is: how much time do you have its always a big question? How much time do you get with the president? How long will he be with you this morning, Maria well, the president is
going to be the bulk of the program. I will say this: we are leading the program with Senator Kelly Loeffler. That is the only other race that matters right now. The woman at the center of it so well lead the show with Kelly Loeffler and then talk with President Trump and then at the end of the show KEN Starr to get his outside analysis on that path to victory. The president talks about.
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