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President Trump: Never has there been a clearer choice between parties

2020-09-12 | 🔗
Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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At no time before, at no time before has there been a clearer choice between two parties: two visions, two philosophies and two agendas for the future. There has never been a vision like this sleepy Joann Trump. If we went America wins thats. If we went, America wins thats what it is about, if we, when America wins, that was Donald Trump campaigning in the great state of Michigan and we are going to bring in Rhonda Mcdaniels Rnc Chairwoman, who has run the state of Michigan to talk with us about the campaign. But today we want to focus on Nevada a lot of happening there in the state of Nevada, Donald from making a sincere effort very close election. Last time, around loss of three percent of the vote lets talk to you about it. The cook political report, the cook political report, released this headline
electoral college awaiting changes, Florida and Nevada shift right and that breakdown 2000 2000 for went for Bush. Two thousand and eight in twenty twelve want for Obama. Two thousand and sixteen Hillary Clinton won the state by less than three percent. What do we expect to see from Donald Trump on Nevada? Any predictions understand how it will go. Im very on a the president is going out there today, weve seen a lot of energy for this event. This event, a lot of support from hispanic voters, hispanic voters who recognize that Donald Trump is good for the economy. They believe in the american dream. Many of them appreciate what the president has done on immigration and we are not going to have a third party candidate in Nevada that steals votes from the republican party. This cycle, we feel very good, and that is we feel very good, and that is why we are heavily invested in the ground game.
I have so much skepticism towards polls positive or negative for any candidate, so much humility from twenty sixteen, as predicting the way the election will go, but one will go, but one thing we learned will go, but one thing we learned is perhaps ground energy. What we see from rallies is more indicative of any particular Paul right now. What are you looking at as the best measurement of where the selections going to go? That are in c uses voter scores, which are more analytic and monitoring the electorate, and we see the president in every battleground state see movement in his direction since is not Rushmore speech July. Fourth, but then you see what you see on the grounds I love going to the rallies and feeling the energy and every state. There is something happening the energy is higher than I saw in two thousand and sixteen volunteer base. We are seeing coming out to support the president is higher than it was in two thousand and sixteen two million volunteers strong, we feel really good heading into.
We feel really good heading into the home stretch about the positive movement and positive energy, for the President and Biden has the ground game. No energy. Compare the two events in Michigan the pictures of by and worn versus the president in freezable, and it was remarkable when people in the political world say so and so has no ground game. That is just hyperbole in this case. That is really true. They are knocking on no doors, whereas the Rnc just crossed the threshold of one hundred million million phone calls or door million phone calls or door knocks, and you talk to that data. Presumably these are targeted door, knocks people who want to get out to vote and have a plan to vote and again be a hectic approach that one side of the ledger, but we have a report from conservative watchdog, capital research center. That says this of twenty eighteen is an indicator. We should expect to see the left carpet bomb the presidential election with buckets of anonymous cash while complaining that the evils of dark money, the entire time it mentions
advisers putting in six hundred dollars million worth of ads. Do you have a concern? Because there been reports that Joe Biden campaign is on air and some places the Trump campaign isnt, the air war is going in their direction versus the ground game. I just want to say this. The campaign and the Rnc Work hand in hand, im very confident hand in hand im very confident in the path the campaign has put together to secure victory is what the Rnc is doing to work in tandem with the campaign and is dark money that comes in is, like you said, scattered, not based on data, the hundreds of millions of dollars we have invested in data, the Rnc build a compass as to which voters we need to target where local voters how we turn them out and make sure we can do that, and an election like this ground game will be a different thing.
Game will be a different thing. Joe Biden answered questions from Monday with respect to whether or not he was using a teleprompter his campaign, as of yet has refused to answer. The question directly lets visit that take a listen to him. Answer those questions and get your reaction. What will your administration do? Thank you it up here it up here. You know there used to be a basic bargain in this country. Workers shared in the wealth workers shared in the wealth, their work helps create. I find this odd and deeply disturbing that there has been no transparency over something that clearly was transpiring there. What do you say? What do you say? I dont have a teleprompter and the President of the United States doesnt use a teleprompter. We challenge the Biden campaign to come out and
say whether your candidate is using a teleprompter, a teenager or college student asking the question it has to be on teleprompter. These are fair question. Is the media is not asking a candidate leading to lead our country to negotiate with Putin and cant answer a question from a college student or high school student without using a teleprompter? It is deeply troubling. He is hiding from the press, his refusal to take tough questions or have tough interviews, which I want to make sure there is no teleprompter on the debate stage, but the fact that he cant be transparent speaks volumes. Shannon. Can you guarantee there will be in a teleprompter or technology to help in the technology to help in the debates, Rudy, Giuliani, streamed for the Trump campaign I have a feeling he will make. Sure Biden is not allowed to.
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