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President Trump rallies North Carolina voters as the 2020 election nears

2020-09-20 | 🔗
Durham County, North Carolina Republican Party chair Immanuel Jarvis reacts to election 2020 expectations on 'FOX & Friends'
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Will President Trump touting his record, while hitting the campaign trail in North Carolina President Trump, you have a president who is standing up for America and standing up for the great people of North Carolina. Forty five days from now were going to win. North Carolina were going to win four more years in the White House. Cheering Jedediah, so does he make a good case to voters in this battleground state lets ask the Durham County North Carolina GOP chair, who was raised in a democratic household, but now supports President Trump Emanuel thanks so much for being here. Obviously, you see a big rally in North Carolina with President Trump and his supporters. Where do North Carolina voters stand today where im seeing incredible energy in our state? I see im amazed. People normally not involved with the political process knocking on doors handing out flyers, putting out signs. They have an affinity
toward this is president, it is surprising to me, although I have not been in the leadership role for more than five years, ive been around politics paying attention. I just havent seen this energy on the right in a very long time. Pete talk to me about voting in North Carolina. What is the process? When does it start? I know, vote remembers lining up in Virginia. The election has started. Where are we in the process in North Carolina? What is being done in North Carolina? It runs starting the 18th through the election and, of course November. Third is the election. In addition to that, there are record numbers of absentee ballots have gone out. Absentee ballots have gone out shortly. We want to focus on the integrity of the vote. We want to make sure every North Carolinian votes once of course, and they have the security and
assurety that they know the vote will actually count. Will lets go over a few of the polls over battle of North Carolina? This is the real, clear politics. Average right now shows forty seven point: three percent to Biden, forty six point, four percent to trump contrast that with two thousand and sixteen when it was forty six percent for Hillary Clinton and almost fifty percent for President Trump. I want you to respond to those polls. Ask you this. We asked everybody who is coming to us from different states like Minnesota. What is the issue really resonating with people in your state when you talk to people in North Carolina? What is the issue that is motivating them? The first thing about the polls is this im in a peculiar situation, where I get to talk to a lot of people and were surprised when we do the door knocking were talking to individuals how reluctant people are telling the truth to these polls. I think, sadly, in our country, it is almost been like a dirty word to say that you support the
president of the United States, so people have not putting out a lot of signs out not putting out a lot of bumper stickers, not talking to friends. They keep it quiet. We have private conversations with Democrats, independents all over the place. Definitely I am supporting him when they feel they are in a safe place, so these polls, I dont, really know what to make for them, but I can see the energy were feeling in North Carolina. It is looking very favorable for us Jedediah. That is a great point. Imanuel, a lot of people feel that way they dont know what to make of.
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