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President Trump says Democrat-run cities 'weak and soft' on crime

2020-09-15 | 🔗
President Donald Trump reacts anti-police violence, California wildfires on 'Fox & Friends.'
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The media is very corrupt, actually Ainsley, so lets talk about the hero, the LA deputy, that female shes thirty one years old, she was shot in the jaw. She put a tourniquet around her partner that they were both shot, Steve, ambushed Ainsley. It was all caught on camera and she put the tourniquet on her partner and tried to call for help its not really audible, but they got her message in and she was saying nine hundred and ninety eight. She was calling for help because both officers were down and she was doing her best to save the high of her partner. She was a former librarian, a mother to a six year old child and she really just wanted to be a police officer. Her dad was called and her dad said she is in stable condition, but the leading investigative officer said by the grace of God: both will pull through, but will be life altering for both of them have you talked to her family and how do we fix this problem because its something thats concerning to everyone in our country? Do we need to go into these
communities? Do we need to send these officers and these chiefs of police into these communities to work with them? Do we hire police officers within the communities to monitor their neighborhoods? What do we do? President trump? We have to get much tougher were getting weak and soft with a lot of the Democrat run, cities and youre. Not seeing this take a look at the cities, the top ten are Democrat run the top twenty five are, I think, almost all democrat Run and their policies are horrible. Theyve taken respect away from police officers, theyve degraded them theyve fired them. You look at New York, they fired a tremendous number of police and crime is through the roof, but they fired them. They make it so that, if you do, if you speak up, you end up LOS Ing your pension. You end up losing your job and theyve taken what they do so well like New Yorks finest. They endorsed me Chicago police, just endorsed me. You know its not easy for them to do because of the leadership in the cities, but they endorsed
me. New York endorsed me. So many endorsed me, Texas, Florida Ohio were endorsed by almost everybody. I cant imagine anybody endorsing Biden with his views. I mean his views are death. He doesnt have any views Brian. He seems to be slowly coming around to it. Yesterday you were on the West Coast and you traveled the country and went to Arizona, but you sat there with Governor Newsom and listened to what the problem was and also he was thankful for all of the help you gave and as quick as you gave it. I think its great for the american people to see two people who differ on taxes and the environment and other things, but get along personal ly. But here is the other thing I want to ask you in two thousand and nine you endorsed action on climate change. You committed clear. The green new deal is too extreme. What is the right way to act to react to climate change within reason without destroying the economy? If you did say and didnt notice even back, then there was
something going on President Trump. Well look Brian, you have forests all over the world. You dont have fires like you do in California. In Europe they have forest cities, you look at countries, Austria, and so many countries. They live in the forest and they consider forest cities. So many of them- and they dont, have fires like this and they have more explosive trees. They have trees that will catch easier, but they maintain their fire. They have an expression, they thin the fuel. The fuel is whats on the ground, the leave the trees that fall. They are like a match stick after eighteen months, if they are underground longer than eighteen months, they are very explosive and they have to get rid of that stuff. Brian. I think he agreed with you didnt the governor agree with you on that and having said that, President Trump, he didnt originally when I first brought it up and weve been working on that Brian. I just did follow up on that. If you do think whether its manmade or not, if the climate
is changing and the number one issue for people under thirty five is climate change like it or not, and in two thousand and nine you were there saying. I think something needs to be done. What is the right answer if the green new deal is too extreme president trump? Well, you want to clean up your plants clean up your auto pollution, clean up a lot of things. Remember we have a little problem called other countries and they dont follow suit, like China sends up tremendous filth into the air and into our oceans by the way, India, likewise, Russia, likewise so were doing. All of this were one piece but were like five percent and you have other countries. These are massive countries that have not done what they should be doing, and so we can clean it up, but you still have a lot of stuff because of places like China and frankly, Russia, and also India in particular, and they send very, very dirty particulates up into the air, and you talk about the carbon
footprint. They do big numbers of the carbon footprint and so look what I want. I want absolutely immaculate clean water. I want clean air, I want perfect, clean air and by the way we have it, we have really good clean air. We have good clean water better than we had before we have better than we had before you know. In carbon we have less carbon now going up into the air than they had under under the Obama administration. We do things a different way, but were doing a great job and were not putting our businesses out of business. A lot of the things they want to do would put our businesses right out of business. We wouldnt be competitive as a country any more, and there are people that dont care about that. They say: thats, okay, put everybody out of business, they really dont care. The green new deal is a farse. The green new deal would really cost one hundred dollars trillion thats more money than we could make in one hundred years. Its ridiculous, and it would put us our factories, be.
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