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President Trump says he would 'go bigger' than Pelosi's $2.2T stimulus package

2020-10-20 | 🔗
President Trump tells 'Fox & Friends' he 'would rather go bigger' than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's $2.2 trillion proposal for the next round of coronavirus relief.
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A vote on the floor next week, its going to go well Brian. Mr President, its been ninety one days since any type of rescue package came from Congress that you have signed, and we know the american people are hurting its been so long. The hospitality industry, which youre very familiar with sure Brian theyve, been devastated. If youre, a waiter or an actor youve been destroyed. Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury of the Secretary and the speaker have been speaking for a long time and something could be offered as early as today. What could you tell us Mitch, Mcconnell isnt, exactly onboard with those negotiations? Well hell be on board. If something comes, let me just explain Itits very simple: I want to do it even bigger or than the Democrats. Not every Republican agrees with me, but they will. I want to do it even bigger than the Democrats, because this is money going to people that did not deserve what happened to them coming out of China to just put it very simply. We
want to do it, but Nancy Pelosi doesnt want to do it well see whether or not she changes her mind. We want to do it because people need help and they should get help, even though the economy is strongly coming back Brian, Mr President, shes at two dollars and thirty nine cents trillion and you want to go bigger than that shes at two point two I would like to go. I would be willing to go more because I think that number one I view it differently. We get the money back, the government, it gets the money back ultimately anyway, and its better than unemployment and its better than all of the other cause associated with the alternative. So I want to go. I would rather go bigger than that number, but well see but Heres the problem. She doesnt want to do anything until after the election, because she thinks that helps her. I actually think it helps us because everyone knows that shes, the one thats breaking up the deal now they are talking, lets see what happens, but I would ratherrer go bigger than her number Brian Senator Thune says he
doesnt want to go close to inaudible Brian. Would you pass with mostly democratic votes id? Take all the votes you could get, whether its democrat or Republican Brian, okay, a lot of democrat votes, youll have republican votes too im. Okay, with that doesnt bother me at all Ainsley. Why dont they just vote for that amount, because Nancy Pelosi doesnt want to approve anything. Look shes made it very difficult. Very, very difficult were talking about money going to the american people that got hurt and they shouldnt have been hurt. This was caused by China, they shouldnt have been hurt and we shouldnt be punishing them and were punishing them because of Nancy Pelosi. Now, maybe she changes her tune and I can tell you there is a little bit of that and thatll.
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