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President Trump to award Medal of Freedom to Lou Holtz

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Legendary football coach Lou Holtz joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend' and comments on receiving the honor.
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Were going to head over to will now will thank you Jedediah President Trump announcing an incredible honor for legendary football coach, Lou Holtz theres, a man thats a incredible leader, Lou Holtz, ive known him. For a long time, hes been a friend of mine, you look at Lous Life and career and what hes done for charity and the football it was obvious. He was a great coach, but what hes done beyond even coaching so Lou will be getting the presidential medal of freedom will and now coach Lou Holtz joins me here on Fox AMP friends: coach, the presidential medal of freedom, quite with an honor. How do you feel well? First of all I was flabbergastedded. I never expected it by any stretch of the imagination, once I was told I was going to receive it. I first thought: well is this politics they assuredded me. It was not what I was not aware of a young lady by the name of Rachel who I had maybe seen a couple times
went on a campaign to have this. For me, unbelievable letters from Nick saw Ban urban Meyer as well as politicians, and I said why. Why me, you know. First of all, I its not just coaching its, not just speeching, but also the chairty work that my familys tried to do. The fact that ive traveled thousands of miles all over the world but im still im humbled im grateful but id had no idea. It was coming im. Just sorry, my wife is not with me because she would be responsible for this award as much as anybody will. You said youre flabbergasted, and you wondered at first if it was politics. What did you mean by that? Well, because recently, ive been involved in different things, inaudible and anytime, you get involved. Theres always been. Other
coaches theres only been two other coaches that received it. They tell me theres over a thousand applications for this award. They gave me a copy of the letters and recommendations that various people wrote when it be Trey Gowdy, John Ratcliffe. The list goes on and on I just was humbled, and I say that you know you dont expect this. You dont do anything because you expect an award or anything else. You try to do the right thing. You try to do the best you can, after being an officer in the army and travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, all over for the troops just trying to support em, just believing in this country. True to do what you feel right and proper and honorable once again, theres. So many more people more deserving than me. Why me I dont know, but I am grateful. I am thankful,
but im also humbled pie. Wt Wt, you brought up politics. You spoke at the Remoney National Convention Republican National Convention, Father John Jenkins of Noter Dame put out a statement. He said we Catholics should remind ourselves. We may judge the moral quality of others actions. We must never question the sun. Centiof anothers faith is at issue. I want to get your reaction to what Father Jenkins had to saw. First of all, im, not a representative of Notre Dame I dont speak for Notre Dame. I think. Father Jenkins makes a good point. You have to be careful, you dont criticize the performer or you create size. The performance from everything I understand about Joe Biden, hes, a wonderful young man- I cant, understand or appreciate whats in his heart. All I do is go but action. The fact that youre for abortion in the third semester
of a pregnancy thats I have to Blaum the priests and the nuns that taught me the fact that he wants to declare war on our little sisters from serving the elderly people and the population. The list goes on and on Father Jenkins is right and Joe Bidens right. I cant tell whats in his heart, but I can tell his actions are not in accordance with Catholicism, which im about my oldest granddaughter was adopted at birth by my oldest daughter, who didnt happen to have new children still cant, but she graduated from college. She graduated from law school. She is practicing. Law are shes, married and shes five months pregnant im, not saying you cant afford it, or will I gotcha at least put it up for adoption will im sorry. I have to run up against the Clock College Football Hall of Fame National Champion and now.
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