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‘President Trump will come through this great;’ Jeff Landry on the president testing positive for coronavirus

2020-10-02 | 🔗
On 'Fox & Friends,' Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who recovered from coronavirus, reacts to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump testing positive.
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Ainsley all right thanks, so much Jeff appreciate it or rich. I appreciate it. My next guest is Jeff joining us. Now is Jeff Landry. He tested positive for Covid 19 a few months ago, good morning to you good morning, Ainsley you heard Dr Ahmed say she would treat the president differently because set leader of the free world. You are in a very important position in Louisiana. How were you treat you had? Well again, I got the virus from my wife from basically caring for my wife. When she had got it, she was. I will ill four days. I saw a DR immediately and he prescribed a number of medications, including hydroxychloroquine, for me and anti bottom particular and vitamin zinc D. Three and vitamin c I got through it without any symptoms. She was treated as well with other drugs and after about four days she recovered. You know I was with the president about a week and a
half ago in the White House where we had a round table, and we talked about that. I can tell you. My prayers goes to both the president and to the first lady, and I believe that the president will come through this great. I think he is in great shape. He has a lot of energy and he has got great doctors, Brian Jeff. What goes through your mind when you first hear you are positive, you know its a bit concerning you know again. You know, I have read a lot about stayed up 25u7bgd to medical providers. I can tell you this. Our front line. Medical providers are not being thanked enough for where we were in March to where we are today. Every day I talk to doctors, who are finding better and easier ways to treat people ways to keep them both healthy and keep them from going into the hospitals. You know, and we see that in the statistics- and so you know again after I I tested positive for it.
I just listened to my doctors. Did my quarantining and stayed safe, Steve yeah, Mr Landry? What do you make of some of the presidents critics, who are already essentially sight? The fact that he and the White House and the campaign have largely avoided social, distancing and worn masks. I think the president has a job to do when you look at everybody understands what the concerns are and what the dangers are. But again we are not in the same place we were in March. This is not a novel virus anymore. Our front line medical providers are finding bigger and better and more efficient ways to treat this virus. We have got a number of drugs and a number of tools in doctors arsenals in order to treat the virus again. Look they love to criticize this president hate to give him any credit for the job he has done. Can I tell New Louisiana? He has
done a remarkable job. He was down here during the hurricane right after the hurricane visiting affected area. He made sure that his cabinet members go around the country and solve problems that the american people have Ainsley. What exactly did you go through when you had it? I have heard different stories. What was your experience? The interesting part is, I really had no symptoms. I actually continued to exercise in my home throughout the fourteen day or ten day quarantine, my wife, you know she had flu like symptoms for about three or four days. Four days she had fever coughing very similar to treating.
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