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Previewing NFL Week 7 on FOX

2020-10-25 | 🔗
FOX Sports NFL reporter Jen Hale weighs in.
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Pete, it is week seven of the NFL on PETE. It is week seven of the NFL on Fox and what are the biggest matchups here to help figure. It out is Fox, sideline sports, reporter Jen Hale Good Morning biggest matchup biggest headlines biggest stars. Its got to be the greatest quarterback of all time with by the way, a new wide receiver who wont be on the field yet, but a new wide receiver in Antonio Brown. Am I right Jen, not yet guys, but it is coming so Brady and the Bucs getting ready to take home. The radars back home in Tampa that front is betting big on embattled wide receiver, Antonio Brown, theyve, agreed to a one year Deal Tom Brady by the way, a major force behind this and youre right, youre, not going to see a dot b, probably in two weeks, but I say no: a dot b, no problem ive got Tampa by fourteen on this one PETE. How about Green Bay fresh off a bye week, looking good another top quarterback? Who do you have there
Green bay? I think Aaron Rodgers is on fire for some redemption here. He had a really humiliating loss, one of the worst in his career. I think Devante Adams is going to be back toward that pro bowl to be back toward that pro bowl hammie to heal up, but Aaron Hammie to heal up, but Aaron Jones. The leading rusher is questionable. Im going packers. Will myself ask you, I dont think im going to like the answer, but Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys, is down to their third string. I think all across the offensive line they take on the Washington Football team today, Jen. This is going to be a tough one for the cowboys. This is uphill sledding, with all of the injuries theyve had just a rash of them. I got to go with the Washington football team here, but hey adversity brings out either the best or the worst in a team, so maybe maybe will youll see. One of your new stars emerge from all of this PETE. Oh the opportunity side of the coin. New stars emerging Jen, appreciate that sunny
Outlook Fox bets super six of giving away Terry Bradshaws money its free to play. All you have to do is download the app and thats free too, and if you are correct in your score prediction, you could win a million dollars and who couldnt use that will not just a million will not just a million dollars. If I could win Petes money, it would make it ten times sweeter PETE. I got twenty bucks in my wallet Jen. Thank you. So much appreciate your time. What game are you on today today, im in Atlanta, ive got lions and Falcons Matt Stafford. Can you believe, twelve years in the NFL, he never played a pro game here in Georgia, his home away from home. That will be a sweet, homecoming, PETE Highland Park, Texas Boy, but he did go to Georgia.
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