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Previewing NFL week eight on Fox

2020-11-01 | 🔗
‘Fox NFL Kickoff’ host Charissa Thompson on the biggest games to watch.
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Brian believe it or not this Brian, believe it or not. This week, the NFL season several matchups, we got t share with you today, Steve here to break down the top games and her prediction: S is Fox NFL kickoff, host Clarissa Thompson and she joins us from, as you can see, Fox NFL kickoff headquarters. How are you so? What are the games youre watching today? Well, we got a full slate of games guys, but, first and foremost, we got to watch two at its a tongue twister, but he will be making his first start for the Miami Dolphins, their first round draft pick and he hasnt started a game since his devastating injury at Alabama. So everyone is watching that and of course, hell be going up against the LOS Angeles Rams and their pass rusher Aaron Donald. So also we got a big game in the NFC West, the perennial division, the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers, and these two always big rivals right there and in the division,
its the toughest in the NFL. A win is a must for them. Seattle puts up a ton of points and San Francisco doesnt allow a lot of points, so itll be one in the trenches, as they say Brian yeah. I feel so bad for Ryan Fitzpatrick, hes done so well, but its time to turn the page to the era. But lets talk about something else. Thats important, Terry Bradshaws, Money Fox bet Super Six is giving away one dollar million of Terry Bradshaws money. I guess its a reality show that hes hosting right now. Why is this important? Well, free money is always important and especially if its Terry Bradshaws money, as you just mentioned, all you have to do. You guys is download. The free Fox bet Super six app its very easy. We all have smartphones and accurately pick the outcome of six nfl games. You can do it right now. So three players- you guys came so close last weekend that after they had five games correct going into the final game of the
evening, all they needed to do was have the Seahawks win by no more than three points. I dont know if you saw that game, but it was so close. It was back and forth, they would have went six and six if that happened, but unfortunately the cardinals ruined that plan in overtime, giving everyone a chance to win one dollar million again today, so just download the free app to play and pick the outcome and winner of the six games its that easy and we all want to win Terry Bradshaws money Ainsley. Yes, we do im not supposed to be envious or jealous of anyone, but you know so much about sports and you have the cutest hair cut. I wish I could talk about sports like that Brian. That was exactly my question. Steve Laughter Brian, that was great Clarissa. Do you have a big feature in your pregame show yeah a lot of things Charles Woodson in studio, so were always happy to see him. Of course. How about this for his quarterback? He had Tom Brady in College and he had Aaron Rogers in the NFL, so hell be joining the show and Jimmie Johnson and PETE Carroll
are some of the other features that were going to hear today. Coaches, talking to coaches and its always good and thats, not coach speak right. There Ainsley, thankfully sports, are back its been such a hard year for everyone out there. In the elections two days away, Steve lets go out there and win Terry Bradshaws money, Ainsley thats right.
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