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Progressives' desperate attempts to defeat Trump to blame for rise in crime: US Commission on Civil Rights

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Progressives have sown the seeds of chaos in an attempt to get President Trump out of office, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow tells 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve here is something we have Steve here is something we have been talking about over the last couple of months: violent crime skyrocketing in major cities this summer, which coincides with some anti cop protests and defunding the police and things like that homicide cases. According to a new report, surging by thirty, seven percent in twenty major cities have from late May to the July commissioner, at the U Dot S commission on civil rights, Peter Cers, now Peter Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve we seed the headlines whats going on, but why this is the latest iteration of the Ferguson effect. We saw it after the Michael Brown and Freddie Gray Incident in Baltimore police are under attack. This is compounded and most severe iteration. We have seen compounded by the fact complete
abdication toward the citizenry to protect them and their property, also compounded further by progressives, desperate attempt to defeat Donald Trump. They initially thought by sowing seeds of chaos that Woo would redowned against Donald Trump. There has been a backlash against them as a result of that also, the press has been very biased in their coverage of it. So this has been extraordinarily aggravated by those factors and, as a result, thirty six of the largest fifty cities in the United States have seen double digital in all manners of violent crime, not just homicide when you think about the degree to which this has spiked versus Freddie Gray versus Michael Brown, it truely is extraordinary what we have seen, for example, in the year after the Ferguson effect, after Michael Brown was shot, one thousand eight hundred more blacks were killed in the succeeding year. Think about that one thousand, eight hundred more.
If you think that black lives matter, you want more cops, not fewer cops. Yet what we see are mayors and council members who are defunding, the cops prosecutors were dropping criminal charges and mayors who are telling cops to stand down that will cause. If you think black lives matter, then you are doing the exact opposite of what will preserve the most vulnerable cohort and thats. Probably why eighty one percent of blacks want the same or increased level of police presence in black neighborhoods Steve sure. You know, commissioner, as we look at some of the images and im reminded of the looting here in New York City, where the looters, some of them a fraction of them, were stopped by the police. Although the police, it sounded like we are told, essentially to stand down that day, but the ones who did wind up going down to the cop shop were immediately released, got to figure, hey, look at what
these people are doing and you dont really get in trouble. But, ultimately, if you live in one of those towns, you are thinking. Why bother? I know that we ran a story earlier this week after the looting in Chicago Sunday into Monday. A number of businesses were thinking were not sure we are going to rebuild in the along the miracle mile, because we dont know that when we pick up the phone and ask for the cops, anybody is going to protect us right. Its not rocket science responsible individuals, which is a vast majority of Americans, are looking at this, and they are saying why buy into this. Why am I paying my taxes when the chief responsibility to be discharged? Hasnt been discharged, Steve Exit question? How politically motivated is what we are seeing, I think its substantially politically motivated. I think that initially progressives believed that sowing seeds of chaos would harm Donald Trump, but there has been a backlash, which is why the media now is not showing images very readily of the chaos thats
occurring in the streets in the various cities, because thats hurts Progressives Steve. I think you are talking about those peaceful protests that I have been hearing so much on the other channel. Yes, the peaceful protest, no kidding people are smarter than that Steve joining us from Cleveland.
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