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Progressives will be ‘pushed aside’ by Biden administration: Domenech

2020-11-30 | 🔗
The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech tells ‘Fox & Friends’ the president-elect has favored moderates in his cabinet picks.
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Christmas trees, scattered out, I saw them time to bring them in before we do that lets bring in before we do that lets bring in in in in Ben Domenech. Im, not sure how this informs us on that. This is Joe Bidens potential presumptive all White House Communication team, which is all females. We can show you on down the list. You can see other members as well. Symone Sanders will be speaking for Kamala Harris. What do you make of this Ben? How does this reflect on potential divide between progressive side and democratic Party Ben? I have to say first off good to start with fake news this morning in part, because this Washington, post depiction
of Biden having this all female communications team is being unprecedented event runs reality that today in White House we have communications, team, thatS dominated by women. What youre actually seeing them here is them trying to use this type of step to cover up for the fact that progressives are actually going to be pushed aside by the Biden administration in large part, they are going to hold up the fact that hey, we are checking all diversity. Boxeslet not pay attention to the fact that Symone Sanders should have been press secretary after all the work she did during the campaign, but she has more progressive views. People know that shes going with Kamala. Instead, this is going somebody to go that you see throughout the administration with employments, where you have a cabinet secretary. Who is going to be someone that the progressives really like that the Sanders
wing of the party pushed for and they get old swamp contractor coming back to have another go at it. Progressives are actually being pushed aside, Steve Steve. Let us ask you about this. We saw last week Ben the the potential names in the cabinet and including his national security team, and I think weve got a graphic that shows some of the selections there. They are right there there they are right there. You have the news that Neera Tanden could possibly run the o OMB, which prompted senator rather Senator Cornyn from Texas, his spokesperson that theres zero chance that she will get confirmed by the
Senate so and Tom cotton in fact, tweeted this out Joe Biden we wanted to unify the country but picked national security team thats weak on China. We saw the faces right there, DHS nominee, who sold visas per powerful political friend and partisan hack hes, referring to Neera Tanden called Susan Collins, the worst for OMB. So much for unity, Ben Ben theres, a lot of bad blood for Neera Tanden shes had poignant words for the right and a lot of people. Remember it. They view center for american progress, an entity that, in twenty sixteen, was dedicated, ensuring success of Hillary Clinton, preventing success of Bernie Sanders and preventing the rise of a lot of the justice Democrats. Neera Tanden is a controversial
person for a lot of reasons, not just statements about republican politicians. I think shes going to be a tough person to get in such a significant role. Ainsley Ben theres. A story makes headlines in Atlanta because the latest spider man needs to be filmed so Marvel is paying, because schools are losed in some areas, a lot of people in some areas, a lot of people are upset. Why are you letting filming in schools filming in schools? What do you think Ben its been a great time, its been a great time
to work in big tech? People have been able to figure out ways to deal with the challenge of this virus, and people discovered one of the things that we should takeaway being a good thing that they dont have to fear a lot for their kids. Do I view this as a situation that really needs to be mitigated and has to be mitigated now, because kids will be suffering in a significant way already from having essentially a lost year and the fact that this will drift further and further into next year as well. It will create a whole generation of kids who will be set behind in a significant way. Its total failure on our part to not address this and the failure of governmental leadership to stand up to the teachers union is apparent to a lot of parents here here. The individuals who suffered the most, but the poorest amongst us, suffered the most from the types
of shutdowns Ben good. To see you again, thanks for being with us Ben, you left the cowboys out of your NFL update. I dont know why you did that weird your chance to get with me was Friday and not Monday Ben you got beat by one legged, quarterback, wonderful, comeback story, Ben, absolutely Ainsley. I thought you were from South Carolina. Someone told me that I grew up in Virginia ive, been here ever since I was a teenager and will knows where a teenager and will knows where my affiliations Peter. We booked him to talk about politics, but he just wanted to talk about sports.
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