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Project HOOD CEO calls for Chicago officials to provide leadership

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Project H.O.O.D CEO Corey Brooks points out need for funding to help combat major crime and violence in Chicago.
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Ainsley for thanks for that report, Todd Brian over to you, Brian emergency coronavirus, hospital in Chicago, was supposed to deal with the massive influx of Covid 19 patients. However, according to a new report, the fear is unfounded. The sixty six dollars million project with two thousand seven hundred beds ended up serving thirty eight leaving a majority. The tab on the federal government, the Chicago mayors, deputy defending the project, saying quote its something im incredibly proud of, and the money was not spent in vain here to react- is project Hood pastor, Corey, Brooks pastor your reaction to the lack of need and the money that was spent, I understand, being prepared. Unfortunately, sixty six dollars million and one dollar and seventy cents million per patient is very unfortunate thing, especially when we have areas on the south side and west side of Chicago that are impoverished
and dealing with their own issues that need resources its unfortunate that those areas go without, even though we are facing every single day. We see taxpayer money being spent and not used properly. Fifty six dollars million and one point seven per patient is a lot of funding. Brian absolutely listen to the mayor when asked about the federal government on face the nation. Yesterday, we are never going to get everything that we need from the federal government. If we waited for them, we would be in dire straits. It would be great if there was not the chaos that we have seen at the federal government. The White House fighting the CDC, Hhs hijacking the reporting process, and still we dont have a consistent testing regime. We still dont have a federal mask policy Brian, she is a big blamer and she needs a mirror. Well, you know every single day in the city of Chicago. We
are facing a myriad of issues that need to be dealt with very unfortunate, that the areas that need them, the work and things need dealt with are not being dealt with on the south side of Chicago. We have so many health. I specifically violence where funding is so needed, but yet we keep seeing funds being spent in other places and spent on things when these areas are being deprived. Brian pastor, real quick: she blamed outside forces. U haul trucks organize to HO just destroyed some of the most successful areas in Chicago she doesnt know or realize that black lives matter Chicago organizers, say its all about reparations. They have insurance anyway, black lives matter. Chicago is not an outside organization. Your thought yeah, my grandfather used to say there is only one thing: worse than ignorance and thats, organized ignorance and black lives matter seems to be an organization that is operating with a lot of egg nowrns any time that you say that is
reparations that we can go in and loot stores and commit crimes and offer people opportunities to go to jail. Because of it is the most stupid thing that I could ever hear so im hoping that the leaders in Chicago will step up and provide leadership to provide people going in the right collection and thats what needs to happen, but black lives matter is definitely operating under a lot of ignores making statements like that Brian, unbelievable.
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