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Rachel-Campos Duffy rips Obama for criticizing Hispanics who voted for Trump

2020-11-26 | 🔗
Former President Obama criticized Evangelical Hispanics who voted for Trump; Fox News contributors Sean Duffy and Rachel-Campos Duffy weigh in.
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Im doing later, theres no tree, but there is an Aloha Santa. I want to bring in former Wisconsin congressman Sean Duffy and host of moms on Fox nation, Ray Choal Campos, Rachel Campos, Duffy, happy Thanksgiving to you. I almost said Merry Christmas because were talking about it because were talking about it laughter have you started to decorate? Have you started to decorate? No were more traditional, its not until after Thanksgiving we try to keep advent as advent. I cant imagine what your trees look like by Christmas. Its got to be wilted we without until Saturday after Thanksgiving to get our tree, we hold off Griff. Former President Obama was talking about evangelical Hispanics, who support president Trump. Take a listen. I want to get your reaction. People were surprised about a lot of hispanic folks who voted
for Trump, but theres a lot of evangelical Hispanics, who you know the fact that Trump says racist things about mention, Mexicans or puts detainees. You know undocumented workers in cages. They think thats less important than the fact that you know he supports their views on you know. Gay marriage or abortion Griff, Rachel ive, got to believe youve got something to say about that. Oh boy, do I so the catholic Little sisters now hes moved on to evangelical Hispanics, look first of all really quickly. Obamas policies encouraged minors to come unaccompanied across that border, which is why they had to be separated because they were usually with human traffickers and not always with their parents and the cages by the way were built by his administration, but lets move on from there and get that out of the way.
He is angry because evangelical Hispanics see themselves first as Christians and not as a racial identity group that he and his party can take advantage of and for Barack Obama. You can really see that he and his party really just fundamentally dont understand Christians. He you know abortion is not some woke fad for them. It is central to their religion, because our ten commandments say: thou shalt not kill its also by the way Griff Central to our constitution, where we say life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness x, theres. A reason why life is first because if you dont are have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is pretty much a mute point. So I dont think the Democrats are learning anything from what happened with Hispanicsover this last election and Barack Obama is just so disappointing. One of the things too. If
you look at the President and the Democrat Party theyre peddling socialism, they want freedom opportunity. They want to make a good wage with, and they had that under President Trump Hispanics are Americans and everything that you care about, and I care about they care about. They want to take care of their families and make more money in their paycheck and thats what President Trump offered. No, they just want to throw around terms, and I think hispanics are a lot smarter than that, Emily overnight, the Supreme Court blocked Governor Cuomos capacity cap on houses of worship, with justice, Barrett playing a key role in the ruling. Sean ill start with you. What are your thoughts on? It were celebrating Thanksgiving today and we look back to the pilgrims they didnt come here for gold, or
you know the fountain of youth. They came here for religious freedom right thats, why they came to America and thats. What brought us Thanksgiving and our great country, so God bless the Supreme Court. Listen Andrew Cuomo is overstepping his bounds, hes going to put limits on churches in the hot zones or red zones of no more than ten people and thats synagogues and mosques. All places of worship are going to be able to open back up. Thank God for that and whats shocking is how close the court was, because John Roberts, who was appointed or nominated by George Bush, sided with the liberals like he did in Obamacare. Thank God. We had Amy Coney Barrett on this court with Gorsuch and others, and they said listen. How do you say that you can go to a bike shop or go buy a six pack of beer and not have these restrictions but youre going to put restrictions on our houses of worship? This doesnt make any sense and, as Rachel just said, liberty and freedom are protected. In the first amendment
there was no bike, shops or pot dispensaries or strip clubs. Thats also allowed exactly, but religious liberty is protected. We might have Democrat governors who dont really care about places of worship. At least people on the Supreme Court still want to protect our right to worship and ill. Just add to that, you know going to church, worshiping God for Christians for Jews. It is essential of its essential to who we are for a lot of secular governors and Ex Presidentss. They think this is just a hobby for us, its not its central to who we are and thank God, the Supreme Court right before Thanksgiving, which is a religious freedom celebration in our country. Truly, if we look at the history of it good on them, congratulations to Donald Trump were thankful to you for putting Amy Coney Barrett on the court, because she was decisive in this decision Jason. She was
Sean and I had the honor and privilege of serving together in the United States Congress and Rachel youve got one of the most beautiful families out there. I know some governors want to limit the size of households meeting for Thanksgiving to ten, but youve got nine kids and theres two of you- and I can do that. Math laughter, you got one of the most beautiful families shower with share with us. We have them with us, were breaking Covid guest limit rules. Just by being us im going to show you the little baby, Emily hey everyone here, she is happy Thanksgiving. We also break another rule Jason. We dress these kids up, they dressed themselves up as pilgrims and Indians, which I know isnt very p, dot. C. We do that here we still celebrate our pilgrims and that first Thanksgiving dinner, but this is our family today were going to for the first time were going to deep fry, a turkey.
We usually cook our turkey in the oven, by the way you guys brought in the guy who does the turkey frying, and I learned it there and we decided to do it this year, laughter Emily NICE, Griff, John Mche Mother, and that is also I remember. I e- was there good luck today? You remember now it could be a fire hazard, so just be very careful when you put that frozen turkey in there be very safe. So I read: Griff Fire extinguisher nearby weve got him in charge of that part laughter, Griff Ill, send you the Oner Brine recipe, Boehner brine recipe. I talked about earlier: hey ive got one too theres a ton of recipes laughter, Griff, happy Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well from the Duffy family. You guys have a great one.
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