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Rachel Campos-Duffy slams Dem senator for 'disgraceful' question meant to embarrass Amy Coney Barrett

2020-10-14 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Rachel-Campos Duffy weighs in on Amy Coney Barrett's Senate confirmation hearing on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley democratic Senator Mazie Hirono bringing back questions that we havent heard since the Kavanaugh hearings, asking Judge Amy Coney Barrett. If she has ever sexually assaulted someone since you became legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature? No Senator Hirono have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to this kind of conduct? No Senator Ainsley here now Fox NEWS, contributor and host of moms on Fox nation, Rachel Campos, Duffy, hey Rachel Good Morning, Ainsley Ainsley. When I heard that question I thought did she have something on her? She didnt have any follow up on that she did ask Kavanaugh the same question. Why do you think she is throwing that out there and asking a woman that question well? First of all, as a catholic mom as an American, but also as a catholic mom of many, I couldnt have been prouder of
Amy Coney Barretts performance. Yesterday I thought it was flawless and quite impressive, no notes, and we will all remember that. Look. I think that Senator Hirono is wacky. She is confused. I think that question was probably more appropriate for Joe Biden than Amy Coney Barrett, who is an upstanding, mom and citizen. You can be sure she knew that the answer to that question was no, because Amy Coney, Barretts entire history and background has been gone over with a fine tooth comb, including yearbooks and high school parties, and everything else. The Democrats want to investigate prior to letting any conservative you know go into this hearing process. So it was a disgraceful question. It was meant to embarrass her in front of her children and in front of the country, and I think it shows a lot more about Senator Hirono than it does about Amy Coney Barrett Ainsley. When Joe Biden was asked about the Gallup poll which showed back in September, people were asked: are they better off now than they were?
And fifty six percent of Americans said that they were at least the ones polled said they are better off now than they were four years ago. Watch this people who feel that they are better off today under the Trump Administration vote for you. Well, if they think that they probably shouldnt. If they think fifty four percent of the american people are better off economically today than they were under our administration. Well, their memory is not very good. Quite frankly, Ainsley Rachel, usually someone running in a campaign. A politician would say please vote for me. He has said that time and time again yeah. He has done this before. There was a worker who asked him about the energy pipeline. I think he might have been in Pennsylvania or somewhere where energy is a big issue and he said well then dont vote. For me. He told black people. If you are not going to vote for him, then you aint black. This is very typical. You actually see this a lot Ainsley in Washington D, DOT c among politicians who have been there a long time. They get really irritated and
annoyed at voters when they ask them questions. I have seen this a lot and usually those people end up getting voted out in this case, this guy Joe Biden is looking to be. You know the next president, so its an arrogance, its a self righteousness, its a feeling like how dare you ask me im Joe Biden, if you dont, like if thats what you think you think you are better off then dont vote for me and the point is this poll is actually very important. A lot of the polls that have been taken where Democrats are actually ahead of Donald Trump right now. Joe Biden is ahead in many of the polls, but we know there are silent voters. We know that polls can be tricky, but this poll is interesting because fifty six percent of people think that under Trump during a global pandemic, thatS caused a lot of economic havoc. They are still better off than under the Obama years. If I was Democrats, I would not be sitting comfortably with all those other polls.
This poll would make me very nervous Ainsley, I know, did you a moms segment for Fox nation talking to parents, about concerns for schools and their kids as a mom? All of our girlfriends im sure number one question: when you see your friends, Rachel is probably the same as im. Getting is your daughter back in school in how about your school? Did it reopen watch this and then we will talk on the end of it sure. When I drop my son off for college, I was really struck by how compliant again happy the kids are being safe, but I thought it was. You know really odd. At an american university where we see you know so much explins, which Againcompliance Wh Health safety is good. But what are the long term repercussions Ainsley Rachel? We know China has used Covid 19 to reinforce control over population. Communism requires submission and compliance. I worry because so many of the rules that even my children, who
rules that even my children who are going to school, I see them, wear masks outside. I know they do that, because the government says they have to say again im worried that as children this is very formative age I feel like some of the things we are doing to them is cruel. I think that it is reinforcing submission to government and its creating a lot more fear than is necessary for children who we know are not super spreaders and have more of a chance of dying of the flu than they are of Covid im just very worried about this. I want us Ainsley to come out of this pandemic, looking like Americans, not chinese, and we need to keep that in mind that these rules, that we have this environment, that we are creating, is affecting childhoods and its affecting the formation of our children, and we ought to be thinking
about the very deeply as we make rules for children for school. It just really worries me Ainsley. We need everyone to stay safe. We want them to stay safe, but we dont want to overdo it and.
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