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Rand Paul slams ‘bunch of socialist spending’ in coronavirus relief bill

2020-12-23 | 🔗
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., argues Senate Republicans who voted for the bill are ‘no better than the Democrats,’ calls on Americans to ‘elect better people.’
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Have a good one: Griff Griff Katie thanks our next guest lighting up the Senate floor just before lawmakers voted on the nine hundred dollars billion stimulus bill, Senator Rand, Paul blasted, his fellow Republicans as no better than socialist in his now viral speech. Watch this bill is free money for everyone. Maybe these new free money, Republicans should join the everybody, gets a guaranteed income caucus to so called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats. If you vote for this spending, you are no better PETE with more is the republican senator from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Seattle Merry Christmas? Thank you so much for being here with us a lot of people good morning, a lot of people loved what you had to say on the Senate floor react to the recent developments because its been exposed. How much pork is in this when you tie an omnibus to an emergency
bill like Covid 19, everyone throws their perogatives of Washington into the bill. Is there a way in which, if some of that was stripped out, you could support one time additional payments to individuals beyond six hundred or is it both that you object to sir? You know it be great if there were actually that alternative. If they said, oh well, quit spending money on selfies to see if selfies make you happy or well quit spending money on the mating call of fogs, but guess what they never do, that they always add it. No one ever takes away any spending and thats my big gripe. It is, of course Festivus. So I can tell you why im unhappy with all these jokers, but the thing is they never takeaway wasteful spending, they only add more to it, and the bottom line is the only way we recover this economy. Is we got to open the economy up? Unemployment is actually lower than it was during most of President Obamas term, so we really can recover, but we got to get these governors out of the way of our restaurants and our bars, and our menus we got to get the economy opened up is the only way we survive. This
senator one of the most important things I think you said in that floor speech is that Congress is enabling lockdown behavior from Democrats who have taken this way too far in terms of stifeling their own economies. But in the meantime President Trump last night said he wants two thousand dollars checks going out. Is that something that the Senate and Congress can do before next week? You know I saw the presidents speech and weve actually included it this morning as part of our Festivus celebration, because he was on a rant, and so am I. He was unhappy with all of the spending to Pakistan and Su Dan and all of these far flung places when we arent taking care of our own. The problem is if we were to get more money to Americans. We would add it on top if it were either slash or it be a little bit different situation, but I can tell you from experience in Washington these jokers never replace spending ive asked for it all along ive asked look if you want to build infrastructure in our country, quit spending fifty dollars billion a year on infrastructure in Afghanistan,
but I never get them to bite. Theyll, add it on, but never do the responsible thing and exchange wasteful spending for useful spending. Griff senator ive long said that fiscal conservatives is now an exhibit at the Smithsonian to go and see from the 90s, because both parties are spending like drunken sailors. It seems in the last decade or more, but my question to you this morning is: what do we do at this very moment? Pete talked about it a little bit earlier this morning about whether something could actually be done or does what the president has done now put Mitch Mcconnell and Republicans in a very difficult spot here at the end of the year yeah. The thing is, you need better people. There was only six or seven of us who opposed this, but if you ask the american people, should we spend money we dont have? Should we run a balanced budget? Ill bet you? Seventy five percent of Republicans will tell you they would rather have conservatives in Washington
the people in Washington Run as conservatives like when President Obama was in power. They said it was terrible, the spending and the debt and all of this and now theyre no better. I told people in my speech that its not that the difference in parties is Adam Smith versus Marx, its really Marx versus Ingles, and I dont think theyre happy to hear that. But they are always talking about socialism, and so am I, but that bill yesterday was a bunch of socialist spending and if you voted for it, youre no better than the Democrats so thats. The problem we have people need to get involved in primaries and elect better people, but the people in Washington are bankrupting us. Both parties PETE its hard to refute, but you say there senator when its a 5593 page bill that you have the six hours to attempt to read, which of course means nobody reads. It and leadership has all of the perogatives and their give away. Youve been front and center and trying to expose this for years and youve got a Festivus report, which we can confirm is your favorite holiday. Here is a portion of some things
in there, ten billion on botched covid, 19, test tubes, lizards walking, I mean that seems like it has to be fake, but I dont think it is walking on treadmill finance, a taxiway for airplanes on Nantuck et Island hot tubs, see if they reduce stress, which we all know, of course, is true, but I dont know why we need to study it. What shocks you the most when you go through our budget and realize how much money were wasting here, is one of the worst. The national Science Foundation spends about eight billion every year and William Proxmeier started complaining in the early 1970s. One of the first projects was back then fifty thousand dollars to study. What makes you happy well last year they spent about a million inflation. I guess about a million and if you take a selfie of yourself while smiling, and then you look at it later on, will that make you happy thats the kind of stuff your governments doing? We got to bridge thats broken over the Ohio River weve wanted a new bridge for ten years, and we spent money to
Pakistan for gender studies. My goodness sakes, we cant build our own country because were too busy rebuilding everybody, elses country its. What President Trump has always gotten right its. Why President Trump got all these new blue collar workers, because theyre, sick and tired of sending money shoveling it overseas and they wanted here at home. But the thing is the establishment Republicans. I call them the big government Republicans they never were on trumps side, and you can tell you know he butts heads with them. They, like the spending and theyve, been doling it out. Ever since theyve been up there- and I dont know how it ends until we get new people up there, PETE true Senator im going to try that study right now on the air and smile Griff, laughter, PETE, look at it later on the program and see if you feel better ill, be in a hot tub later. So, if you want to send me two dollars million to study, stress that be great senator Paul, we are dealing with a pandemic. Obviously the vaccine has been rolled out. You criticized Congresswoman Alex Andrea Ocasio Cortez for getting the vaccine ahead
of our vulnerable population and shes now responded to you. Do you have a response to her? Well, the thing is that I think the most vulnerable should get this all along. I think we should have been protecting the most vulnerable. Now we have a way to protect them, and until everybody in the nursing home who has not got a vaccine, gets one until 80 year old, 70 year old, 60 year old, 50 year old 40 year old gets one. Aoc should be at the end of the line waiting her turn because shes at very, very low risk, but were not using any science here. So, for example, ive also said: if you have it, you should be at the end of the line. Ive had it, so I might be a little higher risk than AOC, but im a much lower risk than an eighty five year old in a nursing home who doesnt have it yet so really what we need to do is pay attention to immunity. The thing is: if youre in the nursing, home and youve had it, we should give it to the other patient in the nursing home who hasnt we have million like eighteen million people who have had it, they do not immediately need it im not saying they cant take the vaccine at some point, but they really dont need to be first in line. Lets get the most vulnerable
done before we get to the least vulnerable, Griff and Senator id. Finally, just add: we need our members of Congress senators and representatives vaccinated, so they can be in Washington working here on important legislation. I want to just leave it by putting you on the spot here. If the president does veto this legislation, will you vote to override you know? The thing is: is that I hope he vetoes it, but the only way I would vote for any spending or any additional spending is if it came out of existing spending. So if they want to cut the thirty dollars billion, we shovel and send overseas im happy to vote for that, and we can discuss where we can spend it here in our country. I think there are a lot of things but giving money to people who are already working. My kids are working and dont need a check. They arent rich, but they dont need a check and most working Americans dont need a check right now. Its a really foolish egg headed left wing socialist idea to pass out free money to people. So I part ways with the president on giving people free money.
We should help those who are unemployed by extending unemployment, but we shouldnt add to unemployment. There are things we can do. Look in two thousand and eight President Obama extended unemployment and they didnt juice it up by giving people more money not to work than they were so weve done a lot of terrible ideas that are much worse than what we criticized. President Obama. President Obama is now a conservative when it comes to stimulus because his unemployment he just extended it, we didnt give cash payments back then, but the cash payments is a ridiculous, terrible foolish, no good idea, because you are just printing out money to give to people. Why not do it all the time give people a thousand one thousand, why not a million and its a terrible idea that ruins the value of our currency? Ultimately PETE its a scary world, where former President Obama is a fiscal conservative, Senator Rand Paul? Thank you. So much appreciate your time. Griff. Thank you. Senator.
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